08 August 2016

Singles Only Service?

CaptureIf you see this headline in The Herald you could be forgiven if you thought it heralded a new service by Plymouth Citybus just for single people which was due to start in Plymouth.

The reality of course is very different and is typical of how The Herald (and other ‘local’ news papers work these days in that they take a story from anywhere in the country and try to apply a local slant to it. In this case its a publicity stunt in London by Match.com.

Its not mentioned anywhere on Match.coms own page but apparently according to The Herald

If the 'Datemaster' bus proves a hit during its one-week trial in London, the service will then be rolled out to other cities across the country – with Plymouth a possible destination.


So a publicity stunt by a singles matching agency could go to other cities, and Plymouth is indeed ‘another city’ hence the local slant!


Quite why the story is illustrated by a Citybus Dart who knows?

(Actually its more likely a case of “quick find some picture of a bus on the internet - anything will do” )

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  1. whoops - something has gone wrong this morning! Devon Transit should be here today (9th August). Will update when I get home 5-6pm this evening GR


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