17 August 2016

Bumps or no bumps

There was an interesting little article in The Herald recently

Council bosses say there are no plans to put speed bumps in on a major city centre street.

The Herald reported last week how council chiefs are planning to put speed humps around the city's new coach station to keep things moving nice and slow. But town hall chiefs have moved to clear up any confusion over the bumps going in on Mayflower Street itself.

A spokeswoman said: "We'd like to reassure residents, shoppers and traders that there are no plans for speed bumps on Mayflower Street.
Read more at http://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/no-speed-bumps-for-plymouth-city-centre-road-promises-council/story-29621049-detail/story.html#yiHJV10JlfA5ImBb.99

What the news item fails to point out is that it was The Herald who actually made the mistake that caused the confusion:

We’d like to reassure residents, shoppers and traders that there are no plans for speed humps on Mayflower Street. The public notice which appeared in the Herald last week and which the paper based their article on, referred to the access road around the new coach station site only. As this is a service road for deliveries and waste trucks, it does not have a name. In the notice, we called this Mayflower Street West Car Park and Coach Station access road and gave the rear of 78 and 80 Cornwall Street as additional information.

It appears an errant comma put in the Herald article has led to some confusion.

The Assistant Director of Street Services posted the public notice in The Herald, highlighting the proposal to put speed humps in Mayflower Street, West Car Park and "Coach Station access road" approximately between the rear of 78 and 80 Cornwall Street. The humps will be 250mm wide, three metres long and 68mm high.

Read more at http://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/councils-wants-public-s-opinion-on-speed-humps-at-new-coach-station/story-29614345-detail/story.html#quuddszr0sk8SHHq.99

Speed bumps on the access road around the new station makes a lot of sense. Plymouth City Council   Google Drive

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