18 July 2016

A Flavour of a Busy Weekend

It has been a great weekend with fantastic weather. For me it was too hot and I am now suffering with sun burn (my own fault!) but it was great for the bus events that were happening.
I didnt get to Exeter but did make it to Bretonside which had a great showing of buses and coaches and drew large crowds of people. I also got the the Sunday event at The George which was equally brilliant. As I am still looking through my own photographs I present just a few pictures of my own below as a hint of the flavour of the weekend.
One of the highlights of these events was the chance to get to meet up with old friends and also the chance to put faces to names for the first time.
As usual I would like to continue posting photos of all the weekend events over the coming week, so if you have any photos you would like to share here please send them in (dbg@plymothiantransit.com) It would be nise to see some from Exeter and the calvacade if possible and also on some of the many trips that were on offer over both days. The more the merrier!
A small gathering of buses a while before the cavalcade arrived
Seeing a variety of coaches entering a packed Bretonside Coach Station, brought back memories a what seems like so long ago now

Plymouth Citybus
The colours of Citybus!
This last photo is especially poignant as for some time in the afternoon it was not possible to get this photos as the area was cordoned off by police after a very nasty accident when a car ran into the back of the Blue Flash Volvo see at the far end here. I wont go into any details but it was very lucky that no one was killed (although the driver had to be cut free from the car) . I am sure it will be in the local news on Monday. Our thoughts and prayers are for the people involved, that they make a full recovery.
Special thanks to all the organisers of all the weekend events and the many volunteers to helped with conducting, piloting, and general marshalling around the sites. Especially as the events on Sunday unfolded and tours were suspended for a while they maintained their cool and their professionalism.
Special thanks have to go to the Emergency Services who responded in some numbers to the emergency and those who were first at the scene of the accident including Martyn a coach driver who just happens to be fully trained by the Ambulance Service and is exactly the sort of person you would want there. 


  1. Link to the Plymouth Herald about the incident yesterday


  2. it was a great weekend. sunday especially, routes all over the moors and into town and the hoe. the unfortunate accident thankfully didn't put a stop to the afternoon and is a credit to the group for their response and quickly getting everything back up and running very quickly. they deserved the lovely weather and i'd like to say thanks to them all for such an enjoyable days.

  3. Tom and Jason are a credit to the PCTPG for organising the events and to Citybus of course. Well done guys.

    1. Yes thanks Tom and Jason for your hard work organising these events.

    2. It was a team effort we just played our part as did many other members of the group from organising to stalls to driving and conducting without any one of us the days woukd not have gone half as well as they did.

    3. And as someone has pointed out, thanks go to all the PCTPG team who played a part behind the scenes in the 12 months leading up to the event itself.

  4. As CityBus 42 is in the above photos does that mean it entered preservation?
    Anyone know if 27 will enter perservation - first dart in yellow/green park and ride, odd S-reg bus?
    Also, 436 was in the spray shop today - is it being repainted for something else?
    Anyone know what will be next in the spray shop?

  5. Brilliant two days,highlight for me was a ride to Yelverton on a VR & a ride over to Saltash on an Atlantean.The Atlantean was wonderful but the VR was in a different class.I was there when the accident happened,I hope all is ok & the organisers & emergency services were a credit.

  6. 54 out today in swoops. 251 in for repaint.

  7. I was at the rally on Sunday (unfortunately I couldn't make the Saturday event) and also wish to convey my thanks to everyone involved in the organisation - and to everybody who helped with the emergency, which could have turned out to be so much worse ....

    I was on the 42c which arrived around 1pm, and the bus was overtaken by a number of the emergency vehicles. I was only on that bus because I had screwed up and missed the 1 at 12.00 - I saw it leaving the stop on Royal Parade and was tempted to try and flag it down, but something stopped me. It might sound daft to some, but I'm convinced I missed that bus for a reason.

    My thoughts go out to the two gentlemen who were injured, I hope they make a full recovery; and to those who had the shock of witnessing and dealing with the incident.


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