08 June 2016

Saltash gets a little Flashier

Plymouth Citybus seem to have fixed their web site issues from last time as they have given plenty of notice of the new timetables from 3rd July 2016
Service 5: Revised route and Frequency
City Centre to Plymstock Broadway as per current route. From the Broadway via Furzehatt Road direct to Elburton Village. The service will then turn around at Elburton Roundabout back into Elburton Village and then follow current route to Holmwood Avenue. From Holmwood Avenue the service will use Challgood Rise to Green Park Road and Goosewell Road where it will then follow the current route back to the City Centre.
Service 5 [Mon-Sat]:
Continues to Devonport and St Budeaux and then onto Saltash where it will serve Fore Street, Callington Road, Liskeard Road and Oakland's Green.
Service 5A: Revised route and frequency
City to Plymstock Broadway as per current route, then will operate the reverse of the Service 5 route around Plymstock. This service will not continue to Devonport, St Budeaux or Saltash.
This will now offer a combined frequency of up to every 10 minutes to Plymstock and up to every 20 minute to Devonport, St Budeaux and Saltash. Plymouth Citybus 538 WJ65BZE
© Richard Smith

Service 20A: Revised Route
Service to Plympton will now use Glen Road to  St Marys Bridge and Mudge Way rather than Moorland Road.
Service 27B: Revised Time
The 1820 departure from Royal Parade will now depart at 18.40 due to passenger demand (Starts 10th July).
Service 28: Revised Time
The Monday to Friday 07.00 departure from Royal Parade will now depart at 06.55 due to passenger demand.
Services 40/41/42/42A/42B/42C & 44: Revised Times
The whole Crownhill corridor is being re timed to provide an even 5 minute frequency to and from the City Centre Monday to Friday.  Saturdays and Sundays are also being re timed to provide a consistent frequency.
Service 42C
Will see the introduction of a new Sunday service this will run hourly during the day.
Services 23/24/27B/28B: Revised Times
Minor timetable amendments on a Sunday due to the inter-working with Services on the Crownhill corridor.
Service 34A
This will now go into Royal William Yard and will circle around the site and drop off and pick up by the harbor where the river ferry departs.
Plymouth Citybus Network Update
I will of course cover the full timetables with maps etc nearer the time on Devon Transit Edition 039. The big news here is the return of the 5 into Saltash wjich could be seen as increased competition with Stagecoach, but infact provides Saltash with a useful link to Devonport etc so is not just another wasteful duplication of resources.
The other interesting change is the introduction of a Sunday service for the people of Glenholt  Woolwell on the 42C.


  1. citybus number route 26 used to go Devonport and then saltash
    that was round 10 years but stoped

    1. 72 still does though only every two hours.

    2. Yes, and since then we've had the 43A, 5/A, 10/A, revised 10/A and now 11/A, but our bus stop flag still says 26! They were quick enough to cover over the Western Greyhound stickers, but didn't update their own. The change from 5 to 10 was to split the Saltash and Plymstock parts of the route, but Stagecoach seem happy with through running, and now CityBus are reintroducing it.

  2. "Increased competition with Stagecoach" - should we read anything into the fact that the 2 & 2A do not appear on SC's route map?

    1. No - thats probably more to do with their awful web site and how difficult it its to find anything!

    2. I suspect the extension of the green flash to Saltash is a retaliation to Stagecoach moving into Ekburton at other end of route. After all 26 did this a while ago and was withdrawn

  3. The citybus travel shop have a map on there wall of there routes and stagecoach routes!!


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