25 May 2016

Incoming Target Travel

The long awaited ‘new’ Derriford Hospital Park & Ride bus is expected to enter service today - 25th May.



Both pics © Bradley Darlington - with thanks.

A much more suitable bus for the busy service than the MAN MCV they use at the moment. It certainly looks the part. The last few days the PR3 has been operated by one of the new ex Citybus double deckers also in the new colours.


  1. the MAN MCV was in the yard the same day broken so they had to rush to get this one out on the road for today, but there is some fare chances for the route happening on 6th june.... Single £1 Return £1.40 weekly £6.00

  2. i saw it as i passed the George, surprised me, but i think the livery is quite plain, especially for park and ride work, i think the green is to dark and very similar to the green flash colour, the green flash green also looks drab

  3. Ex whitelaws(Scotland) Man A22 Wright Meridian:- https://www.flickr.com/photos/mse062/4755352285

  4. Must admit, loving the new image to Target's fleet, definately stands out from other companies. Any ideas who or which firm is doing their designs now?

    1. the city council paid for the old livery but this time they didn't so target did it themselves, and is missing some route branding for the moment, but there new livery is done by target travel, spraying, design and logos


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