29 April 2016

The Information Age?

Plymouth Citybus finally have the planned timetable changes for 1st May on their web site:
Plymouth Citybus and Go Cornwall Bus Network Changes from 1st May 2016
To meet the changing  needs of passengers the following network changes will take place from 1st May 2016:

11/11A- Changes to timetable

Revised timetable- Minor changes to timetable to improve connections with through services from Padstow, also later evening trips diverted into Trago Mills due to their amended opening hours

27/27A/27B- Changes to timetable

Revised timetable- Morning and evening peak journeys amended to improve arrival & departure times at Derriford Hospital for shift workers.

42/42C- Changes to timetable

Revised timetable- Additional early morning trips added on a Saturday between City Centre & Woolwell

70- Changes to timetable

Morning school trips from Millbrook re-timmed so buses use the cliff road rather than Hounster Hill

71/71A- New Route- Summer Timetable

This summer will see the short 71's to HMS Raleigh extended to Looe & Polperro (renumbered 71A) This new summer service will combine with the existing 72 to provide an hourly service between Plymouth and Looe and Polperro
**Due to St Martins Hill being closed in Looe between 3rd May - 27th May an alternative timetable will be available on our website**

73- Changes to timetable

An introduction of a summer and winter timetable to reflect the extra volume of visitors in Looe over the summer period. Winter timetable will then commence on 1st October 2016. 

I did think it was odd that it had taken Citybus so long to get the details on their web site, especially when they have always been so good in the past, but I have been given this explanation:
We have been having some major issues loading our new timetables to our website. We have been chasing our web provider all week to fix the issue but yet this has not been resolved. We have been able to load our customer notice that has gone out in the buses which give some information, but yes it is not good enough and for that I can only apologise. We hope to have this fixed by the weekend. 
The issues clearly have not been fixed completely yet as although timetables are now available on their site there are still problems.
The timetables for the 27 services are only available for journeys from City to Derriford, and not the return run.
The timetables for 42 42C are available for both directions but when you choose the day - you only get a choice of Saturdays!
There is a bit of potential confusion with the new 70/71s with one option for services “70/70A/70B/71/71A from 1st May 2016”  which offers Monday - Saturday times, then there is “70A/71 from 1st May 2016” which offers Sundays services. It could just be a little bit clearer!
angry-cartoon-woman-seated-shooting-computer1There does seem to be a general trend these days with bus companies to revamp their web sites with supposedly more bells and whistles and fancy features but the end result is all to often less reliable information which is harder to find. This is more often the case with the big groups who often impose central solutions to local operators. The Plymouth Citybus site being a good case in point. There was nothing much wrong with the old website. It was easier to find things and the timetables were easy to read. The new site is clearly designed for mobiles but at the expense of larger PCs. I dont actually use the new site on my mobile at all, as I still use the First Bus App (!) which is great for its next bus facility and still works in Plymouth.
It just seems odd that that when there is more and more information available, it becomes even harder to get the information you actually want in a form that is useful. If you still dont understand what I mean by that - just read practically any post on the excellent and often controversial Public Transport Experience Blog!

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  1. A little of topic but fleet update, 30/04/16
    409 in service on route 20 this evening
    16 in service on route 44 this morning and evening
    23, 25 & 29 all in service today on 27/27A/28
    401 which we know is single door was on 35 and 404 likewise was on 40 at lunchtime.


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