06 April 2016

Fleet News Plymouth Citybus

With all the new buses into service over the last few months Plymouth Citybus are now removing more older buses from service making big dents into the Dart fleet along with more double deckers. We start today with a look at the Dennis Dart fleet:
Latest confirmed as withdrawn from service include
22 R122OFJ (Mechanical failure)
Plymouth Citybus 022 R122OFJ
23 R123OFJ confirmed as still in service!
24 R124OFJ (Mechanical failure)
Plymouth Citybus 024 R124OFJ
18, 19 and 20 are due to come off soon
Dennis Darts which are off road and will not be converted to DDA spec so wont see further service are
31 T131EFJ
32 T132EFJ
34 T134EFJ
Plymouth Citybus 034 T134EFJ
35 T135EFJ
40 T140EFJ
41 X141CDV
42 X142CDV
Plymouth Citybus 042 X142CDV
55 WA51ACO Corrision
56 WA51ACU Corrision
59 WA51ACY withdrawn last year (corrosion) being dismantled for spares at Milehouse
205 WA03BJF is still at Milehouse being scrapped for spares after fire damage last year
As always plans can and do change due to operational requirements but I alawys try to have the latest position on my online fleetlisting
Later we look at the double deck fleet


  1. 23 should be in service today as well as 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 25 & 27. Get your photos while you can!

  2. I assume 16, 17 and 25 will last a little longer as they are scooped and but not much longer. I also assume 16 or 17 and 27 will go for preservation

  3. 23 is still in service today on the 10 Saltash

  4. Where are plymouths pink flash buses

    1. Are you really asking a serious question?, or doesn't the date of 1st April mean anything to you.

    2. The pink colour ran in the rain, so they repainted them after 1 April

    3. Being prepared for service, due to enter service 1st April 2017!!!!

    4. I understand that the paint supplier used ladies' lipstick to obtain the correct shade of pink. Unfortunately, it was found that it wouldn't stand up to the daily rigours of bus work. It had a tendency to smudge if passengers rubbed against the paintwork and would need to be re-applied each morning.

      Not surprisingly, Citybus have complained and the paint supplier has promised to formulate a new batch. Unfortunately, because this is a special order, it will take nearly 12 months to come.

    5. They were embarrassed at being painted such a shocking shade of pink - so embarrassed that they turned red.

  5. Target Travel Might Buy Some If Any Goes Up For Sale Which Will Be Nice To See


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