04 March 2016

Fleet News: Target Travel

Target Travel have been having a bit of a clear out with the following being sent off for scrap this week:


Target Travel VU51AXR


Target Travel S722KNV


R583DYG Target Plymouth 060414

© Adrian Roberts


Target Travel T366BSS

However the best news is saved until last

Target Travel have now repainted the first of their Volvo B7TLs  acquired recently from Plymouth Citybus, and I have to say they do look very smart indeed:

Target Travel new look

It will be nice to see this scheme rolled out onto other members of the fleet.


  1. Its nice to see target making a proper effort even tho they had a PI.
    Just a shame jacketts couldnt do the same.

    1. there is plenty more to come, three mini buses should be going into the paint shop for the same livery and some more older buses being withdrawn like the park and ride Man and some of the older coaches and scrap buses

  2. I notice Citybus changes later in the month, service 14 withdrawn from Plympton? Is there a replacement service along Haye Road do we know ? Strange decision by council as new housing etc going up in this area and they put bus stops up a few weeks ago ... lol. Is there going to be a commercial service here now or Target perhaps ?

  3. Solo SLZ6715 was on 13 yesterday devoid of branding but still in Dartline livery.

    1. SLZ 6715 isn't a Target bus though

  4. Stagecoach 26034-26038 are shown as body numbers F266/01-05.
    This was on an original Falkirk build list, but was superceded by this job number switching to Scarborough. The body numbers F266/01-05 were then assisgned to UNO 513-517 SN65 ZGU/V/W/X/Y.
    Can you physically check the Stagecoach buses, please? Thanks. Ian

  5. X557 still carries Perrys livery, was out on North Hill yesterday evening on contract work

    1. ex 423 should be the next double decker to go into the new livery after the new mini buses are done

  6. One of the volvos is in the spray shop at CityBus - i think it is 108, first one to go into swoops.
    Is 109 next?
    Does anyone know what the next ones to be painted will be?

    1. london mini dart i think might be next as they are been ready for a while, also i did see 109 going into milehouse saying go cornwall bus on the blind which is meaning it should get the go cornwall logos soon

    2. I believe that the 2 Brighton Darts are now also due to receive swoops soon (and will be staying)


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