31 March 2016

Citybus loving the past

Plymouth Citybus 508 WF63LYS Plymouth Citybus 508 WF63LYS Plymouth Citybus 508 WF63LYS Plymouth Citybus 508 WF63LYS Plymouth Citybus 508 WF63LYS Plymouth Citybus 508 WF63LYS

All thanks to Richard Smith

The theme is carried on inside the bus with more great archive shots...

Plymouth Citybus 508 Plymouth Citybus 508 Plymouth Citybus 508

and a last great little detail which is sure to prove a talking point..

Plymouth Citybus 508

Thanks to Brian George for the interior detail

It has to be said that this is a fantastic effort all round with some great photos from the South West Image Bank. I can see it being really popular with us old fogies!


  1. And they have kept the windows free of obstructions too - well done.

  2. Withdrawn and stored buses in the Lower Yard on Saturday 2nd April were as follows:

    In a line at the end of the yard from the bottom up - 413, 42, 414, 32, 35, 19, 434, 403, 440, 23 & 404.
    Behind the tramshed - 55, 31, 40, 34 & 41 in one line with 419, 412, 411 and mini Darts SPD265 and SPD266 in another line behind.
    Withdrawn buses 59 and 438 were behind the Raised Depot still being stripped. There was no sign of 205 so I assume the bodyshell has now gone for scrap.
    So it looks like more Volvo B7s are withdrawn and also the first of the R reg Darts. Also later Dart 55.
    Obviously some of the Darts are waiting for DDA compliance work but on talking to one of the|CityBus managers the R reg Darts that are not in Swoops livery are all due to be withdrawn in the next 10 days, i.e. 18,19,20,24,26 & 27. Also the Darts in the 55 to 58 range are mostly due for withdrawal because of corrosion problems. It looks like 19 and 55 might have already succumbed and also bus 23 which is in swoops but is assumed to have a serious fault. Finally he said that some of the other Darts stored for DDA compliance might not now be converted.

    1. You missed seeing 205 which is over the pits in the raised depot, also don't think you should assume that 403, 404, 434, 440 are withdrawn/stored buses just because they were in that line.

  3. Of course I meant LDP265 & LFP266 which is what I'd actually written down!

  4. I'll be really sorry to see the R reg Darts go as some of them are great old buses - even though they've got over 1.3 million kilometres on the clock.

  5. Dart 19 in service today (4th Apeil) so that one is not withdrawn yet.

  6. 19 in service today 4th April

  7. 19, 23 & 440 should be out in service today (5th).

  8. 18 or 19 could go up for sale instead of scrap so preservation maybe?


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