26 November 2015

Fleet News Stagecoach

A few odds and ends to catch up on.

Stagecoach Devon

Delivery of the new Stagecoach Gold buses for the 57 has seen a few Tridents released to Plymouth, bringing a few newer DDs for the locals to play with:

17058 T658KPU

18067 WA04CRV

18068 WA04CRX

18069 WA04CRZ

18070 WA04CSF

18069 WA04CRZ 250110

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Just for the record the new Gold buses are Scania N230UD Alexander Dennis Enviro 400

15250 YN65XDO Connecting Devon from City to Sea

15251 YN65XDP 57 Exmouth Topsham Exeter

15252 YN65XDR 57 Exmouth Topsham Exeter

15253 YN65XDS 57 Exmouth Topsham Exeter

15254 YN65XDT 57 Exmouth Topsham Exeter

15255 YN65XDU 57 Exmouth Topsham Exeter

15256 YN65XDV 57 Exmouth Topsham Exeter

15257 YN65XDW 57 Exmouth Topsham Exeter

15258 YN65XDX 57 Exmouth Topsham Exeter

15259 YN65XDY 57 Exmouth Topsham Exeter

15260 YN65XDZ 57 Exmouth Topsham Exeter


  1. While in Torbay 15660-15661-15662-15663-15664-15665-15666 Scania Enviro 400 Ex 57 Vehicles have all been in Service On the 22/23/13 Services with 15667 -15668-15669 Due Shortly when the last 3 Gold Buses are in Service on The 57,when the additional Gold Bus 15250 for Torbay arrives 17003 Should Return to Exeter as a Reserve Vehicle , The Original 21 04 Plate Tridents across the South West now,I can Remember 20 of them on Paignton Sea Front for the Photo �� Shoot on March 1st 2004 (18078) never made the Launch,lots of investment in The South West for Stagecoach South West since 2004 Over 250 New Buses in 11 Years,plus some Midlife Cascades,only the PD2 Open Topper Remains in The Fleet from when I Joined in 2000.......

  2. Not all the new Scanias have yet entered service. As of Wednesday night at least one of the former Scanias was still in use on the 57. So far only 15660-4 are known to have moved to Torquay, mostly on 22, but have seen use on the 12. Indeed 15663 performed the 0620 X46 departure from Torquay to Exeter on Tuesday instead of the usual Gold vehicle.

    With things still in a state of flux, Torquay still has the pleasure of Trident 17003 S803 BWC in all day service. I had the pleasure of riding on her on the 22 to St Marychurch during Monday's evening peak while she was still on 12 to Brixham on Wednesday night at approximately 1915.

    1. that trident 17003 was sent down to Plymouth when stage coach took over
      nice see stage coach sending down newer deacker buses 04 plates
      most off fleet is 04 .05 .2014 plates but next year 26 new buses 2016 plates
      and 12 new coaches

    2. Anonymous 26 November 2015 at 18:29
      The initial allocation of 21 Stagecoach Tridents sent to Plymouth for the outset of services did not include 17003.
      They were 17002/5/6/10/11/38/51/55/56/66/289/290/294/295/297/299/329/330/337/670 and 18004.
      Subsequent transfers into Plymouth have included 17057/8,18061/64/67/68/69/70 and 18079.

      Are you sure its 12 new coaches that are expected, I understood it was 8.

  3. In Torbay we had 17002-17006 very Briefly in 2003 for a Few Weeks just before they went on to The Exeter Park and Ride Service, they were the First Batch of Low Floor Deckers Stagecoach had Purchased originally in 1999 Glad to see Some of The 18061-18081 Batch of 2004 Tridents now working down in Plymouth,a few are also in Barnstaple 18075/18076/18077 and 18078 will be Good to See The New MMC Enviro 400 working the 3 Service Between Dartmouth and Plymouth via Kingsbridge through the South Hams villages and along The Coast Road through Slapton Sands.

  4. Why has citybus 511 come out of red flash and into swoops?
    What is happening to 502 is still in plain red?
    What is next into sprayshop?

  5. Anonymous 26 November 2015 at 18:29

    17003 Never was in Plymouth,has always been in Torquay, you probably are mistaking it for 17002

  6. Will be interesting to see what Stagecoach South West put in as a Request for New Vehicles in the 2016 Order,some Deckers for Tiverton and the Culm Valley perhaps,could do with the Torquay Local Buses being refreshed 31,34 in particular 34407,34408,34409 which are 53 Plate Dennis Darts may possibly be replaced if something more Modern is available,perhaps Exeter will have some New Enviro 200 MMC 's which could Cascade 9 x 60 or 11 Plate Enviro 200 down to Torbay, will be interesting to see where the 4 Park and Ride Enviro 400 from Exeter will be allocated when the 5 New Vehicles arrive in December,the 53 Plate's mentioned above could possibly be used as Training Buses,First Group will also be putting a. Reasonable order in although with the Selling of small units across the Uk they have cleared most of their Older Vehicles,perhaps they will be looking to Replace some of the 51/52 Plate's maybe 6 Could be converted to Partial Open Toppers' for Weymouth and Cornwall..

  7. Trident 17003 was still in service on Torbay route 22 on Friday 27th November, whilst Dart 35244 was on the 32.

    Also Solo 47535 has lost most of its route 33 vinyls following withdrawal of the route, but still retains navy blue sides and rear. It was on route 34 on Friday 27th.

  8. 15668 has arrived from Exmouth in Torbay seen earlier in Paignton,haven't noticed if 15667/15669 have appeared,took a Trip on The 3 Earlier from Plymouth to Dartmouth 17038 pleasant journey but going the whole journey needs the Newer Vehicles which are due in the next 6-8 Weeks ,noticed 18067/18004 going in The Plymouth Direction, lots of Decent Go Ahead Buses in Plymouth.

  9. 15250 was in Exeter Bus Station this evening on the 57 service so assume still awaiting some new Deckers at Exmouth to release the last few Scanias to Torquay.

  10. I haven't seen 2 of the 10 to Come Over to Torbay 15667 - 15669 which are Due over along with 15250.......... 5 New Park and Ride ADL 400 MMC Due in Exeter in The Next Two Weeks that Should Release 4 X 19000 to other Routes in The Exeter Area.

    1. As the Red P& R service is getting new buses will there be any single deckers to replace the E300s on the Green and Blue P&R services in Exeter?

    2. Don't believe so, there's no been any mention of it happening. Maybe next year's orders, who knows? They could potentially be waiting for the new full-size (12m or so) E200MMC to become available. That's just a guess, as whilst they could buy Scanias with the existing E300 body now, they wouln't look any different to the existing buses and so wouldn't generate the same 'wow' factor that an MMC would.

  11. first torpoint bus depot is now clear off all the dumped old rubbish that was there
    just a go Plymouth bus left that is ready for road

  12. Anon 29th November 2015 1400

    I shall assure you that not every bus in that depot is rubbish, there are actually some buses that are working fine! Those are the ones that were driven out!

  13. Obs from a brief trip Torquay-St Marychurch and back on Monday 30th:

    Trident 18301 on route 22.

    Transferred Scania 15665 in route 12

    Darts 34408 and 34875 on route 32

  14. Not much of a Surprise to see 34875 on The 32 Service it's one of The 8 Purchased New for the 32 Back in 2006 , once all the Scanias arrive 18301-18308 should be Mainly on The 32 Service along with 18329,18367 18368,28383 18384, Which the surplus vehicles should be on the 120 Marks and spencer,also the 3rd vehicle on The 11 Backing up 18131 and 18132,34871-34877 now Mainly operate the 31-34 Local Torquay Town Routes.

    1. >>> Not much of a Surprise to see 34875 on The 32 Service <<<

      It was a surprise to me, as I thought that the arrival of the Scanias from Exmouth was meant to mean the end of single-deck working on route 32. That's why I reported that two were still on the route on Monday 30th.

      No more obs from me now though as I am back in London until mid-January.

  15. One thing Surprises me Regarding the Stagecoach take over of the 3 Service,Most of The Bus Stops still have The First Bus Flags on them although the New Timetables have been put in The Cases looking at The Stops you would assume that First Still Operated the Service,I can appreciate that you can't change everything at Once however 3 Months down the line seems a little poor,

    1. Only three months?? There is still a stop flag with a First logo on it at the far bus bay at Totnes opposite the Tourist Information Centre. The X80/X81 finished two years ago!! Mind you, the stop flag by the shelter is a key stop maintained by DCC, so won't blame Stagecoach for this one.

  16. We have 14 Saloons in Torbay as you know Julian,most of The Newton Abbot and 66 Duties are Optare Solos with 8 Needed for the 31-34 unless there are plans for them to Move elsewhere the 32 seems to be Half Decker half Saloons


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