30 November 2015

Derriford: The next stage

The next stage of major transport works around Derriford Hospital are a step nearer:

Plans to improve Plymouth’s second busiest bus interchange have been submitted by the Council. The Derriford Hospital Interchange scheme, estimated to cost just over £2 million, will convert the existing one-way bus link through the hospital to allow buses to travel in both directions. It will also create separate taxi and passenger drop-off points and provide three additional bus stops. As well as reducing congestion outside the main entrance and making bus journeys to and from the hospital quicker and more reliable, the scheme will provide better waiting areas for bus and taxi passengers and those getting dropped off or picked up by car.

The Heart-of-the-South-West Local Enterprise Partnership – the body responsible for allocating funding for large-scale transport schemes across Plymouth, Devon, Torbay and Somerset – has recognised the regional importance of the scheme with a £1.4 million award from its Growth Fund. The remaining funding will be provided by the Council and the Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust. People can view the planning application on our website and staff will be at Derriford Hospital (main entrance) on Monday 7 December (9am to 1pm) and Friday 11 December (2pm to 6pm) to discuss the plans and answer any questions.The closing date for comments is Tuesday 22 December. If the planning application is approved, construction is planned to start in the New Year and will take around nine months.

The Derriford Hospital Interchange scheme is part of a ‘master plan’ of highway improvements that will help unlock development and deliver 9,000 new jobs and 3,000 new homes in the north of the city. Other schemes include the proposed Forder Valley Link Road, which was recently earmarked to receive £22.5 million from the Growth Fund, as well as the new Marjon Link Road, which opened in September.


Planning Web Site for full details of the planning application

Derriford Hospital: After

Bus Stop


As usual this will cause traffic chaos while the work is in progress, but it should make a big difference for passengers once its all in place. With buses going through the site in both directions it should cut down on passengers running for buses going the wrong way. Every day you see passengers running up from one bus stop when they see a 42 (for example) stop at the other end. At least now buses will be heading off in different directions. It will also give them a lot more room for buses to actually stop which is a major cause of problems at Derriford every day


  1. Re the 42, 42A, etc. I think the only difference will be that people will be running across the road rather than running up the pavement!
    Incidentally, does anyone know if there's a plan to get rid of every mature tree in the Derriford area? If not, they seem to be doing a very good job in trying to achieve this aim.

  2. Well yes maybe am being a bit optimistic there!

    As for the trees, the main ones along the front which were felled were to do with access for the new Heliport more than anything else apparently, which were being offset with new trees being planted elsewhere around the site.

    1. Article on Herald website today states that 60 trees will be felled for this scheme leaving only 10 trees standing at the front of the hospital. Also states that many other trees have been felled around the hospital site.

  3. PCB Enviro order update

    151-163 Enviro 200s (13)
    532-538 Enviro 400s (7)


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