06 November 2015

Access Plymouth

There is a small batch of buses on my Plymouth Citybus fleet listing which  occasionally attract questions as to whether or not they should be there as they dont carry Citybus fleet numbers so probably are not part of the main fleet. However they do carry a version of the Plymouth Citybus swoop livery which is why I include them. I am pretty sure they are just operated / maintained at Milehouse for Access Plymouth rather than owned by them.

I have recorded four Mercedes Sprinters, three of which at least are in full swoops livery. If there are any more I'd love to know about them!


Access Plymouth MX54HMU


Access Plymouth MX54HNK

I am not sure if this one is still around or not, Not managed to catch it in red yet!


Plymouth Citybus MX54HNL


Plymouth Citybus MX54HNZ

Access Plymouth - Volunteer to help our Plymouth charity.jpg


  1. i do know that Richard Stevens did cut a rope by the big screen when they first introduced the swoped livery on these but they only had two on display which one of the two currently is missing half of its swoop and access logo.

  2. Spotted 137 today & it looked like she was missing her rear number destination box


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