20 October 2015

Devon Transit 021

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Previously announced changes coming up in the next two weeks:

Stagecoach 91 [PH1020951.244]

VOSA (DT018)

  • PH1020951/244 - 
  • T/A Stagecoach South West, BELGRAVE ROAD, EXETER, EX1 2LB 
  • Variation Accepted: 
  • Operating between Dartmouth Park & Ride and Dartmouth Pontoon 
  • given service number 91 
  • effective from 24-Oct-2015. 
  • To amend Timetable.

I must admit I am a bit confused with this one. Traveline have a new timetable for the period 24 October 2015 to 1st November 2015.

Then there is a new timetable from 2nd November which sees the service cut to every 20 minutes.

What makes of of this even more confusing is that the licence look up on VOSA seems to skip PH1020951/244 so I cant look it up there. To make it even worse is that Stagecoach themselves dont seem to acknowledge that they even run the service at all.

There are no service updates available for Dartmouth at all. Then on the awful timetable look up on Stagecoach web site, when you select Dartmouth in the dropdown there is no mention of a service 91

And thats it!

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  1. Hi Graham 91 is increased to x10 mins at the request of South Hams District Council for half term week. But don't worry you will be confused in the next installment as there is a further short notice change registered at the request of Dartmouth Town Council to have the 10 mins frequency start a day earlier on 23 October for the Dartmouth Food Festival.

  2. From South Hams District Council - It is a seasonal service operating between Easter and the end of October. Plus there are occasionally out of season services for special events.

    A service after 1st Nov would therefore appear to be a new venture using one bus and not two. As it is not on VOSA and tickets are bought from the car park machine and not the bus, it may be a private hire and not a public bus service and thus not on Stagecoach's timetables.


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