09 September 2015

The Last day of First

As promised a bumper selection of photos from myself and others that have been sent in all taken on the last day of First in Plymouth. I hope this conveys the flavour of what was an excellent and affectionate send off. Thanks to all who supplied the photos.

Western National 420 (270 KTA)

A very proud owner! My favourite ride of the day

First 48221 W821PFB 48226 W826PFB

I will miss these, just a little bit anyway

AFJ706T Western National

Dwarfed by the majestic bridges at Saltash Passage. The 6 and 7 routes were the ones I grew up with and went to school on. It was the Bristol FLFs and then the nice new VRs which led to me becoming a bus spotter.

AFJ706T Western National

A faithful friend… and a dog

First 34003 K803ORL

Not always the best of friends but Plymouth Citybus and First / Western National did manage to get on for most of the time.


Classic bus in a classic bus station – soon to be no more.

LFJ847W First Devon & Cornwall

The last two generation's of Ferry bus


Southern imposter, but very welcome anyway


Thats me in the front window!

First 32756 WA54OLO

Torpoint wont be the same

Bretonside Line Up 050915

Line up of First (plus one!)


Somehow the ugobus brand managed to survive right till the end. A brand launched with so much promise but then left to wither away.

First Reflection 050915.jpg

A time to reflect on what was and what could have been

Mutli Colour Zone

There wont be that many photos of First buses and Yellow Flash together as they were only overlapping for one week. Plymouth certainly has colourful buses. It remains to be seen if Stagecoach bring quite as much colour as First did. Final run to Torpoint

Lovely line up for the last ever First run to Torpoint

Closing Down



  1. there was 6 torpoint buses so where was number 6 bus but 5 buses only had torpoint fleet name

  2. Cracking photos; both from yourself and those who sent theirs in. Really goes to show what a great day last Saturday was.

  3. Southern Imposter?! A genuine WN vehicle but restored as it was post the 1983 division...

  4. Tongue in cheek Graham, excellent write up on a memorable day, and fantastic photos. A lovely event to commemorate the end of an era.


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