24 September 2015

Stagecoach Takeover Cleared

As expected really:

21 September 2015: The CMA has cleared the anticipated acquisition of the Plymouth depot business and certain associated assets of First Devon & Cornwall Limited by Stagecoach Devon Limited. The full text of the decision will be available shortly.

Stagecoach 17005 S805BWC

Stagecoach 21099 YG02DLJ

Stagecoach 17011 S811BWC

Stagecoach 15931 YN63BWZ


  1. That seemed quicker than usual. Perhaps the 'powers that be' are softening on Stagecoach? Obviously the right, sensible, decision.

  2. What a waste of time and public money.

    1. In accordance with the Enterprise Act 2002, the CMA is legally bound to investigate all takeovers/mergers, so the fact it is a waste of time and public money is irrelevant insofar as the law stands.

    2. Not according to its website, it's not. Having the power to investigate is not the same as being bound to investigate.

  3. Trouble is the CMA would have also been criticised if they hadn't reviewed the takeover - hopefully this decision shows they may take a more pragmatic view in future

  4. Graham

    Fleetlist updates
    503 - Is in Red Flash, not plain red as shown on your fleetlist
    484 - Is in Swoops, not in plain red as shown on your fleet list
    104 - Is in Blue Flash and in service
    106 - Is in Blue Flash and in service

    1. Thanks!
      The fleet list is being updated today.


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