18 September 2015


Plymouth City Council

Further changes will come into force on Plymouth’s bus network on Sunday 20 September.

Plymouth Citybus is making a second phase of revisions to its routes and timetables (following the takeover of First Group’s Plymouth and South Devon operations by Stagecoach) and a number of bus services will also be moving to new stops on Royal Parade.

Two new bays and shelters have been installed on the westbound side of Royal Parade to help reduce problems with buses having to crowd around stops during peak times. This will make it easier and safer for passengers to board, help to tackle congestion along this busy route and improve service reliability.

The new bays will also provide space for buses to wait before taking up service and create more capacity for when Bretonside closes next year.

To take account of the major changes to the network and the two new bus bays, most of the stops are being renumbered and many bus services will change departure points.

We have worked with all of the city’s bus operators to spread services out more evenly and keep those that serve similar routes and locations as close together as possible. Full details of the new departure points can be found on our website.

Notices are being displayed in each shelter, advising passengers of any services that have moved and members of our Plymotion team will be in Royal Parade on Sunday 20 and Monday 21 September to help passengers find the right service and the right stop.

Bus shelter displays showing which stops serve which location are also being updated, along with the information boards at the top of each stop.

Councillor Brian Vincent, Cabinet Member for Streetscene, said: “The extra space provided by the two new stops will be a welcome improvement on one of the busiest bus interchanges in the South West. It may take a little time for people to get used to the new departure points but these changes are designed to help bus passengers and other road users, by reducing congestion and improving safety at very busy stops.”

Bus Stop Changes archive copy

A Line Coaches

An interesting development in Torpoint has been announced on Facebook:

A Line Coaches are pleased to announce the commencement of a new Torpoint circular bus service on the 16th November 2015. The service 33 will start at Pentorr Health Centre opposite HMS Raleigh at 0855hrs and continue along Trevol Road, serving Goad Avenue, Trevithic Avenue, Antony Road, Torpoint Ferry, Marine Drive and Carbiele Road. The service will run half hourly until 1440hrs. Single fares only, ENCTS cards can be used on the service. We do hope that this service will alleviate the problems that many of the people of Torpoint have encountered since the departure of First bus and the relocation of the doctors surgery. As this service is a commercial one, ie it has no subsidy from local councils, It is up to the lovely people of Torpoint to patronise your REAL local bus service and go with the Alpha Line.


Attack of the morons

This was my local bus stop this morning. Its not the first time,this has happened, but yesterday was different in that there were several others between Keswick Crescent and Derriford all smashed in. JCD were at the scene clearing up on at least two stops on Miller Way.

Some moron was obviously having fun last night as our bus stop was smashed along with several others in Estover. Looks like they have walked from Derriford Hospital smashing most of the stops along the way.


For Sale

Missing First bus?

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  1. Is that one of the former Hong Kong Darts? Engineer's nightmare!

  2. A good move for Aline. They have already formed a good partnership with PCB in and around Millbrook and this looks like its set to continue in Torpoint. With PCB amendments for the 32 due by the end of the year this will provide Torpoint residents with an excellent bus service.

    1. If the withdrawal of First has left Plymouth CityBus struggling to cope with the Torpoint passenger traffic, would it be possible to ask the Traffic Commissioner for permission to operate short-notice extra journeys until they can put together and register a permanent timetable?

      In the meantime I am pleased A-Line have stepped in to meet a particular transport need in the area and I hope people in Torpoint support it in the best way possible - by actually using it.

    2. They don't need permission. But hey just need to run duplicates which requires no authorisation, permission or dispensation...just the will to assist the customers left wanting when they finally achieved their goal of getting hold of the Torpoint route when they started competing with First on it.

  3. ive seen up by the park and ride by derriford along to the factory's had some bus stops smashed aswell! who ever did this could of not only targeted the estover area that night

  4. sorry wrong aline coaches cant stand citybus ,couse citybus tried to push them out off torpoint ,so aline got to do school ruuns in saltash and looe and torpoint ,witch city bus took 2 school runs off aline in torpoint //// aline has had millbrook route
    for .many .years even when first bus was there in torpoint
    I think ur find aline coaches and first bus where close there used to work to gether
    I no the owner off aline went school with him so I now what I takeing about
    and city bus has stiched torpoint people ,so why would any one want uses them to ride few stops in torpoint
    when aline step in sort there mess out ,ever one nows the owner
    and I can tell u anonymous ur post is all lies aline coaches have never formed any partenership at tall with citybus
    citybus tried everthing there could do shut aline coaches down even tried to buy them out
    the bus routes that aline coaches have built up from nothing are millbrook to cremyll , .millbrook to torpoint twice a day ,and the new town route
    ,citybus see aline coaches has a risk
    sorry gramham but I now the owner off aline coaches it is father and son company ,I went to school with the son and speak to son all the time in torpoint
    I was gone tell u about this was on face book but u bet me two it

  5. I am sure it was a very good school - but how come they didn't catch you bunking off English lessons?

    1. No need to be rude. I think that is personal slur. He is only trying to give his opinion like everyone else!

  6. the new bus stops don't seem to be helping the problems with buses running to time the 5/5a service seems to be running 20-25 minutes late since timetable change on the 20th, at least one was late because the driver was following the pre change route, and then said it was city buses fault for changing the routes , lack off training from the top ????

  7. Observations:
    5/5A - Following on from Anon 23/09/15 21:11 - There has been huge problems throughout the day all week on 5/5A. The 5.15pm 5A off town today left at 5.31pm, and 5.30pm 5 off town left at 5.32pm! Last week, so it was happening prior to the route change too, a 4A was 30mins late. Yes we can blame the Embankment issue for some of the issue especially surrounding early morning and afternoon rush hours, but this is not the whole issue surely. I walked from Morrisons to Prince Rock this morning, about 15mins, and was not over taken by any 5 or 5A, and thta was at 9.25am ish. I then jumps on a 14, which was nice and made a change (nice to see it pick up so many passengers through the Prince Rock/Cattedown section too), moreless full seating by the time it got back to Exeter Street.
    20A - Another oddity since the changes the emergence of 206 and 209 on the 20A service, understand small buses through narrow Woodford, but its a busy route at times, and not sure how good these are on the run up to Lee Mill.
    8/9 & 23/24 - I know these services interwork, seems to be 90% Enviro 200s
    51A - I thought this had become a double decker route, but only seen Citarios this week, or is 51 DD and 51A single deckers

    503 - Now in full red flash
    504 - Still Blue
    501 and 502 - Still plain red
    If 206-209 are working in Plymouth (and 223 has been on Plymouth work) what is operating the Go Cornwall Roads these are branded for?
    Anyone know what regularly turns up on route 73, 74, 75 and 78?
    Saw 66 working a 21A yesterday

    1. The vast majority of the time the 78 is one of the Go Cornwall Greyhounds. Only once or twice have I seen an old dart being used. This was hen the route was first introduced. It appears to be the most reliable route CityBus run in Cornwall though.

      The 74 appears to be the same. Although as I never have a need to go to Liskeard, I never really pay attention to when it leaves or what type of bus is being used.

    2. You're right, the 5/5A is awful, always seem to be leaving together whenever I've seen!!

      20/A has been a mix of Solos and MPDs. Enviros definitely seem to have gone on 8/9/23/24.
      The 73 and 75 interwork with the 11;it goes 11 - 75 - 11 then 11 - 73 - 11 providing links to Plymouth. These tend to be SPD types. The 74 and 78 interwork with the 79/79a in Callington which are always big Solo's .
      Small buses on 20 are silly . Too small in capacity . Solos ridiculous , why they took the Enviro's off and instead putting Solos is just mad. The Enviro's are good at high speed roads.

    3. The only 78 I have seen was a small Solo with no destination display and no passengers. The 74 is usually short Darts (MPD), with a longer one for the school-time journey from Callington - and presumable to Callington in the morning. Some in all red with flash, some in the old red and white.

  8. It was chaos on Royal Parade long before buses stopped using the bus station. How the council thought adding two new bus stops would solve the problems is any bodies guess.

  9. Something playing a big part in the delays and problems on the buses, and traffic on general, are the amount of roadworks, many of which are on main roads and trunk routes
    SC 1 - Delayed due to the roadworks on Mutley Plain's junction with North Hill
    SC 2 - Issues on The Embankment may have a knock on effect on this service (especially at peak times)
    SC 3 - As 2, but also effected by knock on effects of roadworks on Haye Road just after the roundabout
    CB 5/5A - Effected at Elburton by Haye Road issue, and also effected by The Embankment issue (especially at peak times)
    TT 7D - Effected by Embankment issues
    CB 8/9 and 23/24 - Delayed due to the roadworks on Mutley Plain's junction with North Hill with knock on effects to 23/24
    CB 10/11/12 - Possible knock on effects of Outland Road closure and traffic build up on diversion routes
    CB 14 - As 5/5A, but effected by the other set of works on Haye Road as well
    CB 16 - As 10/11/12
    TT 18 - As CB 5/5A
    TT 19 - Effected by Embankment issue
    CB 20/20A - Effected by Embankment Issue
    CB 21/21A - Effected by Embankment Issue and knock on effects of Outland Road diverted traffic
    CB 25 - Could be effected by North Hill build up at Peak times
    CB 27/28/28A/28B - Delayed by Mutley Plain issue
    CB 32 - Delayed by Outland Road diversions and North Hill build up from Mutley
    CB 34 - Delayed due to delays on 27, and also due to diversion because of Outland Road Closure
    CB 35/35A/61/62 - All delayed due to Mutley Plain (these interwork)
    CB 36 - Possible delays due to traffic build up
    CB 40/41 - As 35
    CB 42/A/B/C - As 35
    CB 44 - As 35
    CB 46 - Diverted due to Outland Road
    CB 50 - Delayed due to Embankment issue
    SC 100/101 - As CB 46
    SC 200 - As CB 50
    Every service across all operators networks are badly effected by too many roadworks at the same time in busy places. However, this is not to say this is the answer to all the delay problems, but in my opinion it is a big factor.


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