19 August 2015

Stagecoach start moving in

As Stagecoach are now moving buses into The Ride prior to them, taking over in September we are now able to confirm members of the fleet rather than just speculate on what is due to come.

YY14WFD 37113 Plymouth 170815

© Adrian Roberts

Ex Stagecoach Cumbria, from Carlisle depot, we see from the left 37119 YY14WFK, 37117 YY15WFH, 37115 YY14WFF and 37113 YY14WFD, parked at The Ride, in Plymouth, the current depot of First Group. These have recently been transferred to be part of the new Stagecoach Plymouth Fleet from September

WA04TWZ 47086 Ride 170815

© Adran Roberts

Solo's from Stagecoach Exeter, from the left 47086 WA04TWZ, 47089 WA04TXD and 47090 WA04TXE, along with Enviro ex Carlisle 37116 YY14WFG, are seen parked at The Ride in Plymouth, ready to be part of the Plymouth Fleet from September. 17th Aug 2015

You can see the appeal of The Ride Depot to Stagecoach as it has plenty of room, so SC can bring their fleet in well before the takeover without impacting on the day to day operations of First while they are still in charge.

First Stagecoach Plymouth 170815

© Adrian Roberts

A view across the yard, at The Ride in Plymouth, First Group current home, and the homebase buses flank some new arrivals from Carlisle, in the form of four Enviro 200's. 17th Aug 2015

Thanks to Bobby Darch among others I can also confirm other arrivals in Plymouth yesterday:

17002 S802BWC
17005 S805BWC
17670 V170DFT
33865 AJ54AMJ
33870 RR57BLU
33874 VV08BLU
33876 WW58BLU

I still have quite a bit of work to bring it all back up to date but these buses have now all been added to my Fleetlisting


  1. funy how stage coach can find newer buses like plate 04/54/57/08/58/14 there must be take a couple of buses from orther depots
    why did first not do this

    1. I think you need to look back to "Stagecoach Plymouth" on 17th August where batches of buses are listed and from which depots they are coming from. They are not just taking a couple of buses from other depots.
      Stagecoach have a large reserve fleet available and.some of the incoming buses have been replaced by newer buses at Carlisle and Exeter and probably elsewhere.

      First don't have a large reserve fleet like Stagecoach do.

    2. stage coach have not got reserve fleet at tall all depots have got spare buses for break downs or m o t

    3. Anon 20 August at 17:52.....yes they do!
      Refer to the "2015 Stagecoach Bus Handbook" by British Bus Publishing, you will see they have a large number of Unallocated and Stored buses. For example 33869 to 33876 are all Unallocated buses which is why they can be sent to Plymouth.
      Each depot has Spare buses for breakdowns and mot's etc, but they are not Reserve buses they are Spare buses.
      You think what you like, but I'm afraid you are wrong.

    4. Anon 17:52 struggling to understand your post - however, if you're saying that Stagecoach don't have vehicles in reserve, then I'm afraid you're incorrect. They do and these can be mobilised at short notice for various reasons.

      Add to that, they can divert new vehicles (or cascades from Carlisle) and the deckers made spare by tender losses in Fife.

  2. Why would they. They wanted it sold

  3. As a Stagecoach employee some of our buses have been diverted to Plymouth .Hope we get new stock next year.

  4. On a lighter note If stagecoach wanted to move in to plymouth they should have bought a bigger company than first plymouth ,.................Target Travel lol

  5. Looks like a fairly sensible age profile, are the Tridents PSVAR spec? Assuming the operation maintains its initial size or grows I would expect a bit of new stock within a couple of years, and perhaps some more good quality cascades.

  6. Would be interesting to see how the Tavistock corridor preforms under Stagecoach vs First/PCB. Would be good to see this route return to a stable and profitable operation, would also be a potential addition to the Gold network in the future perhaps.

  7. At Exeter depot 20th August were 47084, 47087 and 47091 all repainted, together with 33869 PP57BLU having its engine attended to.
    These are all expected at Plymouth.

  8. I just saw 60918 with stagecoach on all P&R buses

    1. Your short sentence doesn't make sense.....Yes 60918 has a small Stagecoach logo either side, but haven't seen any other P&R vehicles today so adorned.

  9. 37137 and 37138 came from Exeter September 2018


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