31 August 2015

Royal Parade Bus Stop Reshuffle

Work to install shelters for two new bus bays on Royal Parade will get under way on Tuesday 1 September.

The two extra bays have been created on the westbound side of Royal Parade, near the existing stops outside the Guildhall (A4) and the Civic Centre (A5).

When they come into use next month, the new bays will help reduce problems with buses having to crowd around existing stops during peak times, helping to tackle congestion along this busy route and improve service reliability.

They will also provide space for buses to wait before taking up service and create more capacity for when Bretonside closes next year.

Most of the bus stops on Royal Parade are being renumbered in September and many services are being moved to new stops, in response to upcoming changes to the city’s bus network.

  • Stagecoach is due to take over First Group’s Plymouth and South Devon operations on Sunday 6 September and a number of its routes and timetables will change that day.
  • Citybus is also reviewing its services as a result. Some of its changes will come into force on Sunday 30 August and the rest three weeks later, on Sunday 20 September.

Full details of these changes to the bus network are available on our website.

The new bus stop numbers and departure points on Royal Parade will also come into operation on Sunday 20 September. Details of these will be announced shortly.

Information will be placed in bus shelters in time for the changes and members of our Plymotion team will be in Royal Parade on Sunday 20 and Monday 21 September to help passengers find the right service and the right stop.

Councillor Mark Coker, Cabinet Member for Strategic Transport and Planning, said: “September will see some pretty significant changes to the city’s bus network. We’ve been working with bus companies to ensure that all areas continue to be served and to help get information about the changes out to passengers.

“We’re also working to ensure that the new services are spread as evenly and logically as possible along Royal Parade. Services using similar corridors in the city will be grouped close together to make it easier for passengers to know where to catch the bus.

“Royal Parade is the city’s main bus interchange and buses often jostle for space at busy times. By creating two extra bays and providing more space we can help bus companies to ensure services are on time and keep passengers, drivers and other road users safe.”

Richard Stevens, Managing Director of Plymouth Citybus, said: “Having worked with the Council on the planning and delivery of the new bus stops in Royal Parade we will be pleased to see them in action. The extra space will be of significant benefit to our bus operations and our passengers.”

Bob Dennison, Managing Director of Stagecoach South West, said: “We are pleased to see this investment in the public transport infrastructure in the city, which coincides with our own investment in services within Plymouth. I am confident it marks the beginning of a positive working relationship with the Council.” 

For more information contact our public transport team on 307790.

Plymouth City Council


  1. Interesting information about the changes to stop numbers and bus allocations in Royal Parade. But does anyone know if there an up-to-date map anywhere so we know where to walk to find the stops? The most recent map I can find is dated 2014 and is on the First Group website (Oops!)

    1. Try this link to the latest City Bus website map:



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