23 July 2015

Derriford Works Photo Special

As a bit of a Part Two of the Derriford Marjon Link Road photos earlier in the week, I managed to catch some fairly good shots of buses coming into Derriford Hospital on Saturday afternoon…

Plymouth Citybus 82 on the 50 swings into the Hospital site

Plymouth Citybus 082 WJ55HLK

Plymouth Citybus 109 comes in from the other direction on the 42B. Its certainly a lot easier getting in from this side at the moment

Plymouth Citybus 109 WA12ADV

Most of the 42's were proper Blue Flash buses as 103 demonstrates

Plymouth Citybus 103 WA12ACV

Plymouth Citybus 140 makes an appearance on the 50

Plymouth Citybus 140 WA08LDN

Plymouth Citybus veteran Dart 25 on the 14 as it makes the tight turn into Derriford

Plymouth Citybus 025 R125OFJ

Its not all Citybus as First 32851 comes in on what I think was a Tavistock bound route

First 32851 HIG1519

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