08 June 2015

PCTPG Goes Low Floor

Some welcome news from the Plymouth City Transport Preservation Group (PCTPG) this weekend:

We are delighted to announce that Dennis Dart 10, N110 UTT has been saved for preservation. This is not only our first low-floor vehicle, but it bears significant importance being part of the first batch of low-floor buses for Plymouth Citybus. This will mean those disabled will be able to access our events such as our Rally on July 26th. 

10 was withdrawn several times throughout 2014 but was eventually withdrawn for good after service on 31st December 2014 on Service 14. It would remain parked at the rear of the Tramshed along with the other withdrawn Darts until it officially joined the PCTPG on Friday 5th June 2015.

A reminder that entries are now open for our own Rally; please visit our website at www.plymouthcitytransport.co.uk and click on the Plymouth Bus Rally tab to download a form to enter your vehicle. 


10 History2-page-001.jpg


Five Photo Feature

There were a couple of very close answers to the connection, so well done for that:

They have all left First Devon & Cornwall and gone on to see further service elsewhere in the group and have since gone on to be scrapped.


  1. Colebrook Dave8 June 2015 at 10:52

    Hope Tom gets this entry up on our web site, (Fleet Details), ASAP! Sincerely, thanks to all those who made this possible.

  2. so the first public trip could be at this years rally in plymouth but i wonder if they will be able to get that low floor arrow back over the windows?


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