26 June 2015

A Pride of Park & Rides…

The Park & Ride fleet has been undergoing a very slow transformation over the last year with a number of Volvo B7Ls drafted in and most receiving the attractive pink front livery. Over two days last week I managed to get most of them:


First 60910 YJ51RFK


First 60915


First 60916 YG02DKU


First 60917 YG02DKV


First 60918 YG02DLJ


  1. An official FIRST KERNOW re brand will be launched soon....

    I do hope Plymouth is next, after Somerset and Cornwalll

  2. There is no rebrand pending. First Kernow uses the current First bus brand. They have a local name on the sides which is KERNOW. In addition, like Cymru they are using the can't rail to carry a white on black message 'connecting Cornish communities since 1929' and a flag. The first completed vehicle is in service

  3. Looks like they've adopted Urban.

    What are you stating and your source?

  4. I think it's worth a picture page on the website, to illustrate all these options. Some of us are getting very confused by the descriptions!


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