11 May 2015

Incoming Plymouth Citybus

Not content with the Brighton & Hove Tridents which are currently working their way through the workshops, Citybus have secured a batch of Dennis Dart MPDs from GA London, the first of which will arrive in Plymouth this week:

They are London General LDP263-272 LX05EYP, LX05EYR, LX05EYS, LX05EYT, LX05EYU, LX05EYV, LX05EYW, LX05EYY, LX05EXZ, LX05EYA

Go-Ahead London: London General - Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer 2 - LDP266 LX05EYT - Route G1

© KL Connected (cc) 13 September 2014


London General LDP267 on Route G1, Streatham Station

© Aubrey Morandarte (cc) 22 December 2014

London General LDP268 on Route G1, Streatham Station

© Aubrey Morandarte (cc) 22 December 2014

LDP269 LX05EYW GoAhead

© Eddie - Eastleighbusman (cc) 23 May 2011

LDP272 LX05EYA GoAhead 090511

© Eddie - Eastleighbusman (cc) 9 May 2011

These have been purchased for the Go Cornwall network. It remains to be seen what happens to the Optare Solos. No fleet numbers have been confirmed so far but looking at the current fleet list numbers 1 to 10 are available. These buses are no stranger to Plymouth either as they were all refurbished by Plymouth Citybus for London a few years back.

Speaking of the Tridents, the first Trident is due in the paint shop this week with another planned for the following week. All buses being re-trimmed internally beforehand. Eventually these will see off some of the Volvo B7TLs which are still dual door.

Finally for now a sad announcement on the WNPG web site:

Following discussions with members of the Group,  the Chairman, Paul Derrick, has decided that there will be no more Annual Bus and Vehicle Rallies organised by the Group.  This decision has not been taken lightly but with the uncertainty of the venue’s availability in forthcoming years, it has been decided to hand over the reins to the Plymouth City Transport Preservation Group (PCTPG) who are organising a similar event this year on Sunday 26th July, our Anniversary Day, at the George Junction Park and Ride site.  The WNPG intends to support this event as far as is possible and in so doing requests our members who are PCV licensed, together with other members of the Group, to offer their assistance where possible.  If you wish to help, non PCV holders please contact the PCTPG outlining your ability to assist with a reference to WNPG membership.  PCV qualified drivers should contact the PCTPG Chairman, if you are available to assist, providing their contact details to enable opening up a dialogue relating to their licence details, willingness to conduct if required etc.

The PCTPG have always supported us in past years and we now wish them success in their new venture.  We will support them to the best of our ability.  A link to the PCTPG Rally website is on our Links page.

As someone who has managed to attend all of the bus rallies held by the group and enjoyed them all it is indeed sad to see the group call it a day, especially on what would have been their 30th event. As Derrick points out the event itself is to continue under the care of the PCTPG which is great news and I am sure we will all rally behind them and support the event to ensure it continues for many years to come. Thanks again to the team at the WNPG for all the hard work over the last 29 years.


  1. Michael Hudson PCB Dest Blinds Team11 May 2015 at 20:41

    cannot use 1 to 10. i suggested that to richard stevens, who in turn spoke to engineering director. it appears pcb have to keep their vehicle records beyond the time they have the buses, so you cant have 2 of the same fleet number. cant use 1 to 10 for 2 years.
    one of them broke down at slough on way to plymouth.

    1. Cheers Mike - didnt appreciate that! Thinking more, they would be in the 200 series anyway probably after the Solos so maybe 231-240 or something like that. Sure it wont be long before you can confirm. Talking of which - do we have the full breeakdown of numbers for the Tridents yet?

  2. I Cant Wait to see these in the new livery. do you know what type of MPD these are?

  3. It would seem strange to go to all the effort to repaint the solos only to get rid of them a month later.


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