25 May 2015

Incoming Citybus Darts 250-252

Colin (Laira) had a visit to Milehouse and gives us an update on the latest additions to the fleet:

Present were all 8 ex Brighton deckers and 3 ex London Mini Darts.

Details are 480 PK02RFF 481 PK02RFL 482 PK02RDU 483 PK02RDV 484 PK02RDZ 485 PK02RDY 486 PK02RFJ 487 PK02RFE 250 LX05EYP 251 LX05EYV 252 LX05EYY

481 has been repaneled retrimed and painted and looks almost ready for service. 487 in currently in the workshops with panels removed All others are stored in the back yard with their new fleet numbers.

The Darts are to enter service in London Red. 252 appears to be almost ready for service only ticket machine missing. 250 is label for Go Cornwall but still requires blinds 251 is still in London Colours.

250 LX05EYP with her new Go Cornwall fleetnames

Plymouth Citybus 250 LX05EYP

LX05EYY with fleetnumber 252 and Go Cornwall names

Plymouth Citybus 252 LX05EYY LX05EYV

LX05EYV still in full Go Ahead London as LDP268


All the above © Laira. Thanks Colin!

Finally in an unrelated note:




  1. is that grey or green? :-]

  2. Hmmm..... Green...goes very well with the orange grab rails and yellow seat backs ;o)

    Think we have decisive photo!

  3. 252 was out and about this evening, about 630pm on a 72 I think. 87 and 403 also on 72s today

  4. 481 entered service today, May 28th on 51/51A services


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