20 March 2015

Who's Sorry Now...

Another Five Photo Friday featuring six very sorry buses…
First 42437 P437ORL

18 October 2006

x Plymouth Citybus 179 G612OTV sold

12 September 2008

First 34052 P252UCW

8 February 2010

Plymouth Citybus 284 N284PDV

15 December 2010

Plymouth Citybus 211 VU52UEF

2 July 2011


  1. that volvo B10M used to be a larry speare advert bus. i remember that one when it was on the 50 as a double bus

    1. Try the Plymouth Sound Thunder Bus...

    2. was it the thunder bus? I thought it was a Larry speare bus like mark said

    3. Yep - Thunderbus

  2. They are all lovely buses and photos. I still miss the Volvo b10m's around plymouth

    1. Michael Hudson PCB Dest Blinds Team20 March 2015 at 20:49

      188 was the best one. went like a scolded cat! would fly up weston mill hil on a 16 on 1/4 throttle at 35 and still have more in reserve. sadly now scrapped by wigan coachways

  3. What happened to the Solos CityBus had back then? Who were they sold to? Remains to be seen how long they hold on to the former Western Greyhound buses as Optare Solo aren't a popular bus when they go wrong! Pete.

    1. They all went up to Wilts & Dorset / Damory
      VU52UEF is seen a few days a go: https://flic.kr/p/rpNFts

  4. Loving the inclusion of PDR1 Atlantean, DDR 201C, in your 'sorry' cavalcade! 2006 dates that one then mate :-)


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