09 March 2015

Nine Years of 32803

As I am coming up to the tenth anniversary of this little blog I shall be looking back over the last ten years at some of the notable events I have covered. Lets start with a photo from nine years ago this week. Still in First London red livery First Devon & Cornwall Dennis Trident 32803 operates the brand new service from The George. March 2006

By August 2006 this bus, along with the others had been rebuilt to single door and repainted into standard Barbie livery: First 32803 T803LLC
These buses were soon to be displaced off the Park & Ride by the new Enviros. For a while it looked like they would be shipped off elsewhere but they did remain in Plymouth. November 2010 saw this quite smart rear advert for Truronian Holidays on the back of 32803 as it waited at Crownhill on her way to Tavistock
First 32803 T803LLC
This bus, along with some of the others then spent a while working in Cornwall but has recently reappeared back in Plymouth ironically to help replace the Park & Ride Enviros which are now working in Cornwall!
T for two
Photo credit: Nick Rice under Creative Commons Licence.

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  1. isn't there still enviros working the park and ride still?

    1. Yes. It was the original 12 regd Enviros which went down to Cornwall

  2. Surely the original Enviros are the 56 plates now in Weston and Bristol? The 12 plates were the second generation and headed to Kernow. However, the 08 plates (33420-2) were partly DCC funded for the X9 and, after being recalled from Weston following a short spell there, went to Plymouth

    1. Yes - not quite sure why I put the word original there!

  3. Waiting to inherit the "ancient 803" crown from K803 ORL!


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