27 March 2015

Five First Solos

Another Five Photo Feature for Friday:

The trouble with these large national bus groups is that all their buses are the same…


First 50205 HIG8434

© Richard Smith 26 March 2015 (pretty sure this is for Dartmouth Park & Ride?)


First 50279 W329DWX

20 March 2015 Waitrose


First 50291 W322DWX

© Richard Smith 26 March 2015


First 53827 YK05CDO

17 March 2015 Dartmouth again


First 53008 W808PAF

We round things off with a blast from the past: 2003 in full Overground livery.


Recommended Reading

As I mentioned a while back, here are just a few of the blogs that I recommend. See the new blog roll on the right hand side for all blog updates. Here are just a few that have really caught my eye:

  • Public Transport of The Plymouth Area: Ops and Sods Another 4 months has flown past in what has been an extremely exciting time to be working at Plymouth Citybus! I'm sure all of you will be well aware of the massive expansion in operating territory that has been undertaken
  • Public Transport Experience A Jolly Day with 6, 6A! (2) One Starts, the Other .. There was a delay before departure because a "senior" pass came up on the ticket machine as "not valid" when it was, palpably, valid. This bit of bureaucracy from the Council (presumably) is one of the daftest.

1 comment:

  1. You are right graham this is the new livery for the Dartmouth Park and Ride. The paint must be familiar? Looks smart though.


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