16 February 2015

Swooped Solo 208

Repaints at Milehouse have clearly stepped up a notch or two recently.
Plymouth Citybus 208
©Mike Hudson.
207 is the latest Optare to be painted out of green. As many have noted it still  looks odd with the green LED display but this is due to be sorted once the software has arrived to change them orange!
Its not just Optare Solos, Currently Dennis Dart 39 is in the paint shop with 42 expected to be next. 39 was in the Best Impressions design. Cant say I will miss it...
Plymouth Citybus 039 T139EFJ

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  1. the plymouth citybus volvo b7rles that has not been repainted into blue flash liberty might be a part of the yellow flash or they will swoop them to! i would rather have them swooped than them being yellow flash buses!

    1. the 12 plate volvos will not be yellow.

    2. Those buses seem to be have been on the 50 for the past few days, not sure where the Mercs are, so would not be surprised if these become the new flash (whatever the colour)

  2. Just wondering: what was considered to be so bad about the Best Impressions livery? Thought the two-tone red looked stylish, although on some vehicles the multitude of graphics was probably too much. The plain red with a white swoop just looks a bit cheap and nasty in my humble opinion! ;-)

  3. A whole load a variations and registration on VOSA for CityBus - 4 to Mount Batten, 10 Royal Parade to Royal Parade, change to 46 for Tavistock, 73 and 74 (replacing 573 and 574?, change for 11. Cancellation of 43 but 50 says Derriford to City. Interesting times. Start date 12/04.15

  4. I agree the Best Impressions livery was far superior than the currant scheme. Utter madness to discard it. Other companies cope fine with using more than one colour....

  5. Go Cornwall red swoop liveried Solo 206 was working on Citybus route 25 today (Wednesday 25th February). Route number was on a piece of paper stuck inside the windscreen. Darts 10 and 14 are parked with most of the other withdrawn Darts in the Lower Yard. Dart 16 is now the oldest one in service.

  6. Green Go Cornwall Solo 209 used on Citybus route 49 today (Saturday 28th February). Again the bus had a paper route number stuck on the windscreen.


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