28 January 2015

Swooped: T133EFJ

Plymouth Citybus get swooping again

Its been a while since the last swoop but it looks like the paint shop is back in action:

Plymouth Citybus 033 T133EFJ

© Richard Smith

33 T133EFJ in full swoop livery. They have even finally removed the red low floor arrows from the door, and much smarter it looks too!

Plymouth Citybus 033 T133EFJ 22 February 2011

February 2011

Plymouth Citybus 033 T133EFJ

May 2007

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  1. Volvo B10 coach 311 was recently repainted into the blue Citycoach livery and it now looks very smart for a 15 year old vehicle. Hopefully 312 is to get the same treatment.

  2. i went to milehouse again not long ago and they told me that they are behind on the swooping because they are working on the go cornwall buses and chatter buses more right now.

  3. I guess they have now started the ball rolling of trying get some more swooped. Anyone know which one is next?


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