12 January 2015

Fancy a date or two?

Message from PCTPG:
We have four of our 2015 Group Calendars for sale - these are a handful leftover following the issue to our membership. These are available at £7 each, including postage and packaging. As ever, 100% of the proceeds go directly into the Group's funds to support our preservation activities. If anyone is interested, then please email chairman@plymouthcitytransport.co.uk to place your order.
IMG_20150110_134943458 IMG_20150110_134959860

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  1. May i say that today i seen the plymouth city council has an hired garbage truck which i took some photos of. its on my flickr if anyone would like to see the photo. i also have a Photo Of The NEW go cornwall bus a and model! the model i made is what the go cornwall bus is going to look like when they get to it.

    1. Yes we have three down at the moment , I am driving one at the moment as my Dennis is in for MOT , They are nice vehicles , but will be glad to get mine back as the hire ones haven't got the rear steer so harder work


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