07 January 2015

A touch of class at Derriford

Nick Rice usually takes great photos but this one he has posted really is superb:


©Nick Rice YG02DLJ 60918

Ok so First Devon (or Plymouth if you prefer) has cut a lot of services in the past two years but there are signs of growth, the 6 to Efford now runs Sundays and has been extended to Sainsbury's at Marsh Mills and the PR1a service from George P&R calls at Derriford Hospital enroute to the City. Another new service starting 5th Jan this year was the 81D which has 1 morning peak working running from the Torpoint Ferry on the Devonport side to Derriford H via Stoke village and Milehouse. The evening sees 2 peak hour workings running back from Derriford to the Ferry. The timetable ties in with the 81 coming off / going back onto the ferry so a useful like for those who live in Torpoint but work up at Derriford. I wouldn't call it a challenge to Plymouth Citybus' 34 although perhaps its a dip in the water by First, the Citybus 34 has been beset by poor time keeping in the past so some may welcome the alternative service. I saw a Dart on the 81D yesterday but this evenings working was P&R livery 60918 with probably nicer seats than the 34!

It does seem a bit of a mixed bag as the only one I have seen so far was a Solo!

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    1. Nice to see this new service from First. I hope it is well used and maybe expands. For Torpoint residents it means a massive cut in price for travel to work as before we had to use Citybus 34, now we can get First pass instead and get far superior service 81 to town for nearly half the price. Result. Thank you First for listening.

    2. first used to do this route from millbrook years a go has 81c,but there funding was cut ,but it went intwo town first then crownhill ti long rout ,this one goes right there ,
      ithink it be a case of what bus is free on route will be used on 81d route that why it not goon ferry
      may even see08plate bus on it

    3. was there many on it the bus first moring

    4. At the moment this Service (81D) only does 3 trips a day, around 10miles in total. That is why it will inevitably be run by a mixture of vehicles. I will be case of whatever is available. As with everything, the more people that use it, the more regular it will become.

      1. Thats right. Certainly the early morning run after it arrives at Derriford leaves with destins set for the 804 school run to Estover. Has been a Volvo B6BLE a couple occasions I have seen it

      2. Vehicle allocation is a Trident. Same vehicle allocation should run the 2 81D tripsThe 804 in the afternoon is operated by the Trident entering the pre afternoon peak PR1 service headway.

    5. does anyone know why there are about 12 Oakleys buses parked up in the Chaplins carpark?

    6. yes. there is some building work going on in colebrook complex and there isn't any room for them.


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