01 December 2014

Room at the top

Go Ahead owned Go South Coast has appointed Peter Oliver as its new Commercial Manager. The firm – which operates morebus, Bluestar, Southern Vectis, Salisbury Reds, Damory, Tourist Coaches and Hants & Dorset Trim – is welcoming Peter from south west company Plymouth Citybus.
“I am delighted that Peter has joined our team here at Go South Coast,” said managing director, Andrew Wickham. “He comes to us with a wealth of experience and I look forward to seeing him build on the relationships we have with customers and partners – including local authorities throughout the region.”

Route One

This does of course leave a gap at Plymouth Citybus.

Current Vacancies   Plymouth Citybus

Meanwhile Plymouth Citybus have announced their Christmas timetables or at least the basic pattern of operations over the period:Bus Services this Christmas   Plymouth Citybus
Full details of last service times etc will be available next week

Featured Blog Post

  • PUBLIC TRANSPORT EXPERIENCE: Loose Ends? First Plymouth ain't dead yet - well not quite. First's web site, however is a bit moribund. As of yesterday there was no mention of 79 in the PDF timetables list under the general heading of "Timetable Booklets".

In The News

  • NORFOLK SCENE: The Railway ~ FirstGreatWestern New series begins this Thursday (4th December) at 20:00 on Channel 5. The first episode shows the damage to the Dawlish Sea wall in winter last year. The programme is on every week (on Channel 5, Thursdays 8pm) for the upcoming weeks.

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  1. So today's news is that Go Ahead is close to finalising a deal to buy the Liskeard operations of Western Greyhound.
    Meanwhile First has announced yet more registrations in mid Cornwall to take on the last remaining commercial Western Greyhound routes that it hadn't already registered.
    Finally, rumours abound that the potential bidder for the non Liskeard WG operations is the operator of Black Velvet in Eastleigh

    1. I think Go Ahead would be plain stupid to buy this to be honest. That said it would not surprise me. Perhaps this is why First registered rival 79 service against Go AHEAD, a warning perhaps before Go Ahead muscle in on the 76 route etc ?

    2. Not sure about using the 79 to put PCB off the 76. Anybody else would have put some additional resources into the 76 itself, surely, to disuade PCB from looking at it.

  2. Yet more expansion for kirst kernow today

  3. really? where did u hear that? peter's job is split between ian perring, financial controller, and neil whitehead, commerical officer.

  4. First79 using clapped out buses, every one ive seen during the day has been empty, funny how they can run a unused service commercially but not run a service through St Dominic where they already had a passenger base, they would of been better off doing a 79b to do a loop between callington and St Dominic every 2 hours, at least they'd have passengers

  5. Citybus buying a minor part of WG (i.e. Liskeard) does make some sense as they already have work in the area. Buying the rest of it would be utter madness though whether you are Citybus, Black Velvet or anyone else. BV's parent company seems to be on a mission to expand itself into oblivion, a very well-trodden path as history of the industry shows.

  6. Western Greyhound's web site has stopped its daily up-dates -- a sign of things to come?

  7. A quick look at black velvet on Wikipedia does not indicate they are in a position to buy anything they only have 4 routes more likely target or jackets buying it then them!!!

  8. Have we forgotten the whole sorry takeover of Black Velvet, once a proud local company ?
    Woe betide Western Greyhound for the future, if this particular rumour were to be true.


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