12 December 2014

Introducing the 81D

First Torpoint Route Change

First have announced a few changes from 4th January 2014. We will look at these over the next couple of days starting today with 81 & 81D Torpoint - Plymouth

First 32757

Applications To Vary Existing Services: VOSA 12 NOV 2014


Variation Accepted:

  • Operating between TORPOINT FERRY and PLYMOUTH Bus Station
  • given service number 81/81D
  • effective from 04-Jan-2015.
  • To amend Route and Timetable.

Service changes from 4 January 2015

Service 81: some minor changes to the weekday timetable due to the launch of new morning/afternoon service 81D between the Torpoint Ferry (Devonport side) and Derriford Hospital. 81D buses will be timed to link with 81 buses for onwards travel.

Route Map 81D

First Torpoint 81

81 81A 81D Timetable 4 Jan 2014


The new 81D is a bit of a surprise. It could potentially be very useful link between Torpoint and Derriford Hospital. The first thing to note is that there is only one morning journey from Torpoint Ferry (Plymouth side) at 07:20 arriving at Derriford 07:40. Things are slightly better in the evening with two departures from Derriford at 16:15 and 17:15 which will catch a lot more staff coming home. I am surprised at this new service as I cant really see what it adds for anybody seeing as it mirrors exactly what the Plymouth Citybus 34 already provides. I know the 34 has suffered reliability issues over the last year or so but I know the early morning departure that arrives at Derriford at 07:37 , just in front of the new 81D, is now much more reliable and runs bang on time every day. I know this as I try to change onto this one as it returns from Derriford back into town. If there is the slightest delay on my 50 then I will miss the 34. The same run before the last timetable change was always late! At least going home the times are much more useful falling in between the half hour departures of the 34 to provide a bus every 15 minutes.

Of course there used to be a direct bus from Derriford right into Torpoint and beyond, in the form of the 81C which ran via Peverell and Mutley Plain into Town and then onto Torpoint etc. The Derriford section of the 81C ceased on the 1st April 2012. (Didn't realise it was quite that long ago!)

First do seem quite keen to serve Derriford Hospital these days with quite a few enhancements over the last year or so. As someone who works at Derriford this is great as it gives me a few extra travel opportunities. Of course having so many buses tied up on Derriford bound routes can also be a big risk. There are two major new road work schemes planed for the area, the first of which starts next week. Things could get quite messy...

First 34004 K804ORL

In The News

  • Focus Transport: Stagecoach Results "Despite facing a number of challenges, our sector-leading commercial bus operations in the UK have continued to grow, helping support the economies of some of the country's biggest city regions"

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  1. This is great news. I like many other Torpoint residents have been asking First to do a route from ferry to Derriford for a while, pity it's only limited service but a great start. Means we don't have to use the useless 34 anymore..wow. Also means I can drop the 32 and go back to the far superior 81 into Plymouth, and save £20 per month on bus passes. Result. Thank you First.

    1. As long as you get up nice and early and want to get to Derriford for 7:40 then yes, its ideal!


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