05 December 2014

Congested and Diverted

The traffic in the City Centre continues to cause problems for the bus companies, and its only going to get worse over the next few weeks. First are trying something a bit different:
SERVICE DIVERSIONS IN PLYMOUTH CITY CENTRE Fridays and Saturdays from 5 - 20 December inclusive. Due to severe traffic congestion around Charles Street and Charles Cross roundabout in Plymouth, on the Fridays and Saturdays between 5 and 20 December inclusive, between 1000 and 1600, we will be diverting some services as follows: Service 2, 48, 93 and PR2 will not serve the bus stops on the Viaduct after they have left Royal Parade. They will operate via Bretonside and then pick up their normal route from Exeter Street.
Services 1/1A, 83 and PR1/PR1a currently using Cobourg Street and Mayflower Street or Charles Street from when travelling from Milehouse, will operate via Western Approach on the way into the City Centre/Royal Parade and not serve bus stops on these roads. These services will operate their normal route on journeys outbound from the City Centre. All stops will be served along the diversion routes. All other services will continue with their normal route if not listed above We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but the delays are due to circumstances beyond our control. We are endeavouring to maintain a reliable service by taking these temporary measures. (CJ) Drake Circus Charles Street on a wet December evening

Photo credit: © Tom Micheals under Creative Commons Licence.

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  1. It really is like this every year from early November right through December. Last Saturday was especially bad; not only was it a Saturday which is bad enough even when it's not close to Christmas, but also it being the last payday before Christmas. Citybus have had to divert away from Mayflower Street/Drake Circus etc nearly (if not every) Saturday lately, on some days even going via North Road East inbound. Absolute chaos - but it's all part of Christmas really!!

    On a completely different note I can't believe I took that photo two years ago! I can remember that evening like it was yesterday. I had one sole aim, which was to get a reasonable shot of Drake Circus at early sunset/twilight. After a long time fiddling with the (at the time) new camera and learning for the first time about ISO speeds and exposure etc it eventually paid off!

  2. Ar least First warn customers beforehand.. unlike Citybus who just decide at a drop of a hat to change the route, never n=mind the customers waiting there!

  3. Saying city bus just change routes because of congestion, I can see your point, however most passengers know the drill on Saturdays and they try and run the correct route for as long as possible.
    This Saturday first were diverting away from drake circus, even when it wasn't congested (I'm a citybus driver) and I told 5 people waiting for first service 1 who were waiting at drake circus they weren't going that way, there was no notice in the bus stop to tell them (I actually dropped them round to royal parade myself for free).
    So I guess both companies ideas have pro's and con's


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