11 November 2014

Lighting Up

On Thursday 13th November, Royal Parade will be closed to all vehicles from 18:30 until 19:30 for the Christmas light switch on and lantern parade. During this closure, services will depart from the following stops. Plymouth Citybus:
  • Service 5/5A (To Plymstock) – Viaduct (stop B2)
  • Service 5/5A (To Saltash) – Toys r Us
  • Service 8/9 – Viaduct (stop B4)
  • Service 14 (To Langage) – Viaduct (stop B2)
  • Service 14 (To Derriford) – Walkabout
  • Service 16 – Drake Circus Mall (stop C2)
  • Service 20 – Viaduct (stop B3)
  • Service 21/21A (To Plympton) – Viaduct (stop B3)
  • Service 21/21A (To Barne Barton) – Walkabout
  • Service 23/24 – Viaduct (stop B3)
  • Service 28B – Viaduct (stop B4)
  • Service 29 – Toys r Us
  • Service 32 – Toys r Us
  • Service 33 – Drake Circus Mall (stop C2)
  • Service 34 – Walkabout
  • Service 35 – Drake Circus Mall (stop C2)
  • Service 40/41 – Drake Circus Mall (stop C1)
  • Service 42/42A/42B – Drake Circus Mall (stop C1)
  • Service 43 – Toys r Us
  • Service 44 – Drake Circus Mall (stop C1)
  • Service 45 – Viaduct (stop B3)
  • Service 50 – Viaduct (stop B3)
  • Service 61/62 – Drake Circus Mall (stop C2)

  • Services 1/1A and 76 will divert via Kinterbury Street, Buckwell Street and Notte Street to Western Approach.
  • Service 2 will terminate on the Viaduct
  • Service 3 for St Budeaux will divert via Kinterbury Street, Buckwell Street, Notte Street, and Athenaeum Street to Derrys Cross and pick up outside Walkabout.
  • Services 6, 15, PR1 and PR2 will divert via Athenaeum Street, Notte Street, Buckwell Street and Kinterbury Street and re-join their normal route on the Viaduct.
  • Services 83 and 86 heading inbound will terminate at Charles Street (outside the Art College). Outbound journeys with leave from outside Drake Circus Mall.
  • Service 81 heading inbound will terminate outside Sparrows on Union Street. Outbound journeys will leave from outside Walkabout on Union Street.
  • Service 93 inbound and outbound will operate via the Viaduct.

Meanwhile we also have…

The road through Chillington will be closed for drainage works for two weeks 17-28th November 2014. While closed service 93 will be diverted in the following ways:
  • Journeys from Dartmouth will take normal route to Torcross and then will travel back to Strete. They will then travel on to Totnes Cross before continuing on to Kingsbridge. From Kingsbridge it will take its normal route to Plymouth. (the same diversion will run for Plymouth to Dartmouth journeys but in the opposite order)
  • A shuttle bus will run between Kingsbridge and Chillington.
  • A taxi service provided by A2B Taxis on behalf of Devon County Council will run between Chillington and Torcross to link up with the 93. Please call 01548 856 666 for details of how to book, operating times, costs etc.
A revised service 93 will be in place for the duration of the road closure and diversion " this will affect the entire route (as far as Dartmouth/ Plymouth) To view this timetable - including shuttle bus times - please click below: Temp Timetable
First 33175

In The News

  • FOCUS TRANSPORT: Bus Funding delivers up to £3.50 of economic benefits for every £1 spent New research for Greener Journeys by KPMG LLP shows bus funding delivers up to £3.50 of economic benefits for every £1 spent Government funding for buses keeps fares lower and boosts the economy and communities – particularly helping the 77% of jobseekers who have no car access and those on lower incomes.

Featured Blog Post

  • FYLDE BUS BLOG: Volvo Olympians at 20 The 1990s was a famine for new double deck buses. Between the 1989 Leyland Olympians and 2002 Dennis Tridents, just one batch of six new Volvo Olympians arrived in 1994. Volvo had taken over Leyland Bus in 1988 and its Olympian chassis was relaunched under the Volvo mark in 1993 and unusually for Volvo still featured the Cummins L10 engine.

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  1. This shows the lack of foresight by the City Council. Encourage people to use public transport and then ban the buses from the main street in the City Centre, all because they are unable to manage a little crowd control. Huge disruption for the bus companies and regular customers for some minor celebrity to turn on a few Xmas lights. Bah humbug


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