04 November 2014

Just passing Through

A nice line up of Plaxton bodied Volvo double deckers at Chambers including two which seem familiar. Y731TGH and X507EGK were Plymouth Citybus 449 and 450 respectively although they both carry former London livery as they were not in Plymouth long enough to gain Citybus colours. Ironically, if they stay with Chambers its quite likely that they will be repainted into Chambers new livery which just happens to be almost identical to the dark red front former livery... If you look carefully you will see that 450 has an extra 1 - its now fleet number 1450. P1060496
© Rodney Smith - with thanks.
449 was used in Plymouth for a brief period on schools services:
Good for schools only

Photo credit: Nick Rice under Creative Commons Licence.
449 was originally Go Ahead London PVL231:
PVL231 Y731TGH GoAhead
Photo credit: EastleighBusMan under Creative Commons Licence.

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  1. Why were these two buses and some others brought here if they weren't going to be used for the long term and therefore sold on very quickly?.Also,if there was a requirement for them are they going to be replaced?.


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