18 November 2014

Crossley Collected

I ran out of time yesterday to prepare this post so sorry for the wait. 335 DJY965 is now home where she belongs!

Thanks to Jason Beverley for the excellent photos. He has many more on his Flickr account so pop over and have a look! Plymouth 151114 047 IMG_00002982 IMG_00002985 Plymouth 005 IMG_00002989

In The News

  • BBC Wales: Operators make 'too much' profit from bus subsidies Bus companies are making too much profit from Welsh government subsidies, a think-tank sponsored by Welsh ministers has concluded. The Public Policy Institute for Wales estimates firms could be making excess profits of as much as £22m a year.

Featured Blog Post

  • STEVES BUS AND TRAIN PAGE: More Miserable Than Mega It is unfortunate that if you have a name that includes the word "Mega" you are rather leaving yourselves open for that word to be turned against you at every possible opportunity should things not go so well. However I will not sink to that level but suffice it to say that last weekend wasn't Megabus's finest hour in the travelling career of yours truly.

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