15 October 2014

Citybus Changes Part Two

The next set of timetable changes have been announced by Plymouth Citybus : Plymouth Citybus Service changes to commence from the 23rd November 2014. Plymouth Citybus is to make a number of changes to its bus network from the 23rd November 2014. Many of the changes being done to improve overall reliability in particular Services 42, 29/A and the Service 34. Below are details of our changes:

Service 34:

Route changes: None. Time and Frequency changes: Service 34 has found it very challenging keeping to time during the Monday to Friday peak travel to work times. To address this, up to an additional 10 minutes per journey has been applied to a number of peak time journeys with a number of early morning and mid evening journeys having their departure times adjusted in order to fit in the extra time. Evening services reduced from around 19:00 as part of our changes to the service 29 and 28B Monday to Saturday.

Service 42

Route changes: None Time and Frequency changes: Plymouth Citybus changed this service from the 31st August and despite conducting extensive time trials we have found the section of route between Derriford Hospital and Tavistock very difficult to keep to time. The changes to the timetable in the main add an additional 5 minutes in each journey allocated to the section of route between Tavistock and Derriford Hospital. This additional time has been put into the Service Monday to Saturday. Service 42A/B Route changes: None Time and Frequency changes: Some journeys have needed to move by a few minutes as a consequence of the changes to the Service 42.

Service 43

Route Changes: None Time and Frequency changes: Service frequency adjusted Monday to Saturday to operate up to every 15 minutes for most of the day, with buses providing through journeys on the Service 50 to Derriford Hospital via Prince Rock and Estover. Through journeys available Sunday to Saturday across the day with through fares available. The change in frequency on the Service 43 provides a frequency of up to every 5/10 minutes Monday to Friday and 7/8 minutes Saturdays along Victoria Road. There would also be 14 buses an hour operating between St Budeaux square and the City Centre Monday to Friday and up to every 5 minutes on Saturdays with Services 5/A and 29/A.

Service 45

Route Changes: No Change in the route between the City Centre and Ivybridge Town Hall. From the Town Hall the service is to be withdrawn from Exeter road and Rail Station and instead is to operate up to every 30 minutes along Hartford Road, Cole Lane, St Peters Way, Woolcombe Lane, then into Leonards Road past the Town Hall around the roundabout then back to Plymouth as per the current route. Time and Frequency changes: Sunday and Bank Holiday services are to be withdrawn. No changes to the frequency of Service Monday to Saturday with an additional journey to Ivybridge leaving Plymouth at 20:25 Monday to Saturday.

Service 50

Route Changes: Service to be withdrawn from Charles Street and Mayflower Street and will instead operate from Exeter Street to Royal Parade via Exeter Street Viaduct and St Andrews Cross Time and Frequency changes: No changes to the frequency with journeys from the City Centre generally operating 8 minutes later than current and departing 5 minutes earlier than current from Derriford Hospital with buses providing through journeys to Western Approach, Milehouse and St Budeaux on the Service 43 Sunday to Saturday with through fares available.

Being totally selfish, I have to say its the changes to the 50 which have most of my attention as this is the service I catch everyday. I must admit to being nervous at the through running with the 43 as I can see problems keeping to time. Having said that there is a 5 minute turn around time built into the timetable at Derriford which might help. Not running through Drakes Circus / Mayflower Street will also help. I will keep an open mind on this for now...

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  1. Well well. The 06.45 ferry saga reared its ugly head. But this time the Kingsand Service 32 got its comeuppance and broke down on the ferry. So unfortunately late for work again but at least this time I have the satisfaction of the fact the bus that should not get priority as it is not in service go did not even make it to the start of its journey. To add to your wows a packed 32 bound for Millbrook broke down on the slip way on Friday. How long must the poor people of Torpoint have to put up with this unreliable service.

  2. Great! Thanks Mr Stevens. You drive first out, promise dedicated vehicles and wifi. Now you withdraw my Sunday service and I don't gave dedicated vehicles or wifi and no real choice. It's dearer but many people are turning to Stagecoach Gold. They have maintained their promised quality. Disgusting attitude CityBus

  3. Re the 0645 ferry saga: I can confirm that the 0645 to Kingsand is shown as operating IN SERVICE on the driver's running card, commencing from Stoke Village at 0632. This seems to have been omitted from the public timetables. It displays a route number, so is in service, and would not be allowed in the priority lane otherwise.

    1. Not necessarily - only sight of the service registration would prove whether it is in service or not.

      Please note that I am not suggesting that PCB is running an unregistered journey, although they may be, I am merely saying that the driver's running card and display of a service number does not actually prove that it is in service.

    2. But the fact the 06.32 is a tendered service does.

  4. I see this is knock Citybus page , some people should get a life

  5. 22 Oct 2030. It's not a case of knocking CityBus my comment re the 45 is factually based and shared by others I commute with. I gave a life and I'm entitled to comment on the adjustments they have made without consultation. Thank you


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