18 September 2014

Life After Plymouth: Western Belle

Something slightly different to the usual "Life After Plymouth":
Built to the order of the Millbrook Steamboat & Trading Co. Ltd in 1935, the Western Belle immediately established herself as the company's new flagship and for nearly fifty years was the firm favourite on Tamar and Yealm excursions. In 2007 she was purchased from Chris Cruises where she had worked for a time on the River Thames. She was completely refurbished by Ullswater 'Steamers', and re-launched onto her new home in early July 2010. Seen approaching the pier at Glenrhydding at the southern end of Ullswater on Sunday 7th August 2014. Western Belle © Ian Kirby

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  1. I remember the Millbrook Steamboat and Trading Company vessels back in the 1970's and 1980's operating on Tamar and Yealm excursions from Phoenix Wharf.
    Their fleet consisted of the Northern Belle, Southern Belle, Eastern Belle, Western Belle and Plymouth Belle. There were also two other vessels, Lady Elizabeth and Cardiff Castle.
    The Northern Belle has been operating on the Cremyll Ferry for the best part of 80 years (although has been out of service for some time since being involved in a collision with a Landing Craft, replaced by Edgcumbe Belle).
    The Southern Belle was primarily used on the Tamar and now operates out of Great Yarmouth.
    The Eastern Belle was primarily used on the Tamar and also as the Cremyll Ferry relief boat, she has been renamed Karina and operates out of Laxey on the Isle of Man.
    The Western Belle operated Tamar, Yealm and coastal excursions (as far as Looe) and is now on Ullswater (as per the article).
    The Plymouth Belle was primarily used on the Tamar and as occasional Cremyll Ferry relief boat and is currently the Barbican to Mountbatten ferry (painted in a hideous yellow colour scheme).
    The Lady Elizabeth operated as the Drakes Island ferry and now operates out of Falmouth.
    The Cardiff Castle is now on the River Dart at Dartmouth.

    Most of the vessels were powered by Gardner diesel engines.


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