08 September 2014

Cornish Invasion

Thanks as ever to Richard for these pics of the incoming Dennis Tridents which have been displaced from the First Kernow fleet by "our" Enviros!
32846 32858 32861 all still carry the small First Kernow names on standard Barbie livery

First 32846 First 32858 First 32861

Recommended Reading

IAN VISITS: 30th anniversary of Thomas the Tank Engine On the afternoon of the 4th September 1984 a new children’s television series started on ITV, and has gone on to become an icon — Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends

ANDYS BUS BLOG: Looking back... Hampton Court Flower Show in the mid nineties - part 1 visiting the Hampton Court Flower Show in circa 1996 - an event which remains popular today

SOUTHAMPTON UPDATE: Guilty but free - thanks to purple 'Get out of jail free' card A 16-month jail sentence was suspended for 2 years because people's jobs at Velvet depended on him and because Velvet owes £140,000 in tax,

IAN VISITS: Weekly round-up of London’s railway transport news The London Overground Line has added £80 billion to the value of homes within walking distance of its stations, a new study claims.

IAN VISITS: 100th anniversary of THAT famous poster Today marks the 100th anniversary of the publishing of one of the most famous posters from WW1 — the one of Lord Kitchener pointing a finger at the viewer telling them that their country needs them.

FOCUS TRANSPORT: Go Ahead Results "The end of the year marked the halfway point towards our bus operating profit target. We made steady progress towards our target in the year, and remain confident in our ability to achieve £100m of bus operating profit by 2015/16.

CIRCLE OF LONDON: Metroline CELF Centre Part 46 Another visit to the CELF Centre facility presented us with another opportunity to take some shots which otherwise would not be widely available to the general public.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT EXPERIENCE: Hello Max : Goodbye Sapphire? Another Super-Bus Service? It was a huge launch in the North-East; complete with bright lights, new livery and even a robot to scare the children away from buses! Arriva's X10 and X11 are one of the first services to get this treatment.

IAN VISITS: Camden to get a miniature railway Later this month, a small miniature railway will be installed running along the top of a shop in Camden

HUMBER TRANSPORT: Now a 'True' Circular The 10 and it's predecessors have often been referred to as the Hull city circular service as it provides cross city links across Hull. However while it has been possible to travel cross-city via North Hull it never has been possible to travel across Hull City Centre on the same vehicle

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  1. A bit more Cornish news, courtesy of the Cornish Times:

    (i) Plymouth Citybus have won the contract for the 79 service. The 79A will be dropped in favour of Darren's Taxis running an 'on demand' service for the Cotehele area. This should allow Citybus to use larger vehicles - quite possibly normal-size Darts. The service will, however, restore the bits of the Callington Town Service which were missed out by WG and also alternate direct Tavistock-Callington journeys with ones going through Metherell and Harrowbarrow. The new timetable should appear next week - what's the betting it will offer good connections in Tavistock with Blue Flash to Plymouth?

    (ii) First are receiving severe flak for almost abandoning Ashton and St. Dominick - their new timetable for the 76 is almost entirely direct along the main road from Callington to St. Mellion. From their web-site: "The timetable is being revised to provide faster journeys between Callington and Plymouth. Most peak journeys will continue to serve Ashton and St Dominick". Let us be quite clear than the only reason for providing faster journeys is that they are losing a lot of passengers to Western Greyhound. The second statement that 'most peak-hour journeys ...' is just simply untrue. Untrue, that is, unless you interpret two morning journeys towards Plymouth and one evening journey towards Callington - that's 13% - as 'most'.

    (Graham - this isn't really the best heading to put this under, but I could not find a way to anywhere else or any scope for introducing a new topic)


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