29 July 2014

Incoming Target Travel

Nick Rice captured a 'new' Dennis Dart now operating for Target Travel:
For a long time now Target have operated their 53 service with a Marshall Dart and step Dart the latter one of the last remaining chances to ride a step Pointer here in Plymouth. Looks like that will be a rarity now as Target have acquired this ex Quantock Pointer 2 Dart which was new to Lothian. It looks the part and sounds excellent!

Hits the Target....

© Nick Rice (cc)

Presumably it will soon receive Target Travel green logos


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  1. Rumour has it that Target are painting buses for First to speed up a big refresh in a Plymouth?

  2. They are indeed

  3. In the same colour?

  4. i thought Target could do any colour as long as it was white, even then just a quick thin coat, as Target buses look shabby very quickly, give it a few weeks and you will tell which ones were painted by Target

    1. i hear they have a new sprayer joined them. he was the guy who painted pctpg 7552. compare the finish of that to pctpg 53 which was done by his predecessor!

  5. It's just a shame they still put the Solo's on the 59 route. Awful buses, one of which broke down near Bickleigh last Tuesday and completely blocked the lane!


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