08 July 2014

Citybus Plans for Ferry Strike

Plymouth Citybus arrangements for the Torpoint Ferry Strike on Thursday…

As part of the general public sector day of industrial action taking place Thursday the 10th July 2014. We have been informed that the Torpoint chain ferry will be closed to all traffic except emergency vehicles from Midnight this Wednesday until Midnight on Thursday. This means that the Service 32/A which operates Plymouth to Torpoint via the chain ferry to Liskeard and the Rame Peninsula will not be able to do so. To adapt for this day of action, Plymouth Citybus has prepared a revised alternative timetable for the day. See our website for details it is the first item on the News page.

Service 32 Plymouth side will generally operate unchanged but with all services terminating at the Plymouth side of the Torpoint Ferry. See replacement Service 31

Service 32/A will operate as far as is practically possible the existing timetable between Torpoint Ferry Torpoint side to Liskeard (32A) and Cremyll (32).

To replace the service connecting Torpoint and Plymouth a Service 31 will be in place. (see our website for details) This replacement service is to operate hourly from the Torpoint Ferry Torpoint side to Plymouth City Centre, via Antony, Trerulefoot Tideford Saltash to Plymouth Royal Parade. Our intention or plan is to operate serving all bus stops between Torpoint and Sheviock. Then we will operate a non stop to St Budeaux square to enable customers to change for services 21/A for Devonport. Then the service will operate non stop to the City Centre. We are operating via Saltash new road to Plymouth but this is only to take advantage of the bus priority for Pemros Road the bus will not be stopping to board and alight passengers. Supporting the regular drivers on the day will be a mixture of driver trainees, admin staff, and managers, so we apologies in advance if the service is a bit below par on the day. We will endeavour to do our very best.

Should the Torpoint Ferry Service be running and available for buses, then we will revert back to our normal timetabled service. For the updates on the day we strongly recommend following our facebook page Please accept our sincere apologies for the travel disruption faced on the day.

Full emergency timetable HERE

099 Twinkling lights of the Torpoint Ferry & the dockyard behind

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  1. Well done to both Citybus and First for pulling out all the stops to ensure Torpoint is being served by a bus service. Even though there's a massive diversion, at least people will be prepared and will know there will be changes to their bus service on Thursday.

  2. Citybus - hourly direct service versus first 2 hourly change at saltash offering

  3. Yeah clearly First care more and clearly Citybus are on the way out!?! Not. Good on Citybus for really making an effort and acknowledging things won't be perfect on the day either.

    1. What do you mean by saysing 'Citybus are on the way out'?

    2. Citybus is not on the way out, considering the strikes, there is less traffic on the busses (workers striking) therefore less people need to come into plymouth, and city bus where offering the direct service rather than the some direct and some changing services by First.

  4. Anon. 8 July 2014 23.37. You'll find that both companies are offering a 2 hourly service with First doing a direct service at peak times. The bridge will be a lot busier tomorrow. Apparently different unions involved twixt the ferry staff & the bridge staff.


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