15 May 2014

Incoming Plymouth Citybus 372 in service at last

At least two of the Scanias were in service in Plymouth yesterday. I managed to get a rushed pic of 372 at Derriford on the 42 but then recieved these two great shots from Richard Smith which were far better than mine!

Plymouth Citybus 372 Plymouth Citybus 372

© Richard Smith.

I am still not convinced about the styling of these bodies. The front looks great but somehow the whole bus does not quite work as a design. It is great to some more variety on our streets though so the buses are more than welcome!

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  1. The livery looks good on them, they look a lot better then the livery they arrived in.

  2. Drove past one destined for Ivybridge . Have to say I thought it looked a bit ugly. I'm hoping the interior and ride is nicer than it looks from the outside?

  3. I think that the nearside design of these buses is much more agreeable than the offside, with only two windows the same (and one of those bisected by a Citybus swoop !).

  4. Any News on the Cornwall tenders, which are suppose to start on 2 June

  5. They're a world away from the state they were in when they first arrived! I had 373 out and 371 back in on 45s today - both not bad though 371 was miles better! Not bad buses though with plenty of pulling power.


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