27 April 2014

The Lady’s New Coat

Thanks to Brian George I can now bring you a selection of photos of 358 in her new colours. I must admit I wasn't too sure at first as it seems odd not have at least some red but it has been growing on me. Whatever your preference though, I am sure most people would welcome the fact that the company have been prepared to spend decent money on her to keep her on the road and looking good. Due to the amount of work involved they have concentrated on her external appearance this time, and then hope to refurbish her interior over next winter. She is in too much demand to keep her off the road for too long!
Plymouth Citybus 358 Plymouth Citybus 358 Plymouth Citybus 358 Plymouth Citybus 358

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  1. She's a grand old lady, but, as you say, I would have thought that she could do with a smidgeon of red.

    Perhaps a red waistband. But no, not a red swoop, please !! ;o))

  2. ....or perhaps a band of colour above the windows. However I'm just happy they have made the effort - I'm sure there were any number of alternative uses for the cash!

  3. I will pass your feedback onto Richard Stevens. There was talk of doing a black waistband, but this was deemed to spoil the bus. I will ask about a red waist band and see what the MD thinks. will keep u posted.


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