02 April 2014

Staying Put

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We've heard there's some rumours circulating that we will no longer be serving Torpoint in the near future. We can confirm this is very much not the case. Our service 81 continues to run between Plymouth, Devonport, Torpoint and HMS Raleigh, seven days a week with up to 4 buses an hour. The extended journeys between HMS Raleigh and Rame, are financially supported by Cornwall Council, and we are currently waiting for the outcome of their re-tendering as to whether we will continue to run between HMS Raleigh and Rame on their behalf (we're hoping to find out this week) Regardless of the Cornwall Council re-tender results we will still run our service 81 between Plymouth and Torpoint/HMS Raleigh as we operate this section of the route on a commercial basis (as in we don't receive any council funding to run it)

Ferry Bus 1987

Western National 2887 GOL424N

©Jos Van Hemeert 22 July 1988

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  1. that was the good old days in torpoint whoopy .lets hope first keep it has there have for the last 26 years ,gone rame .don't want citybus get it

  2. Re the re -tender per the agenda for the forthcoming main Council meeting on 8th April,the member for Transport & Waste reports the following on points 3 & 4:

    3.Work to evaluate the bus contract tenders is ongoing.
    The timetable is:
    •Tender Close Date – Monday 3rd March
    •Tender Evaluation by end of Friday 21st March
    •PAS Meeting – TBC but likely to be around Wednesday 26th March
    •Published Results – to follow thereafter but certainly by end of week 28th March.
    •10 day standstill period during which bus companies will register/de-register services
    •Discussion between companies and CC to consider practical adjustments etc
    •New contract services commence Sunday 1stJune.

    The budgetary situation for subsidised routes remains difficult, and current data from the evaluations suggests that prices have risen.
    We are working to achieve the best possible outcome.

    4. Work is also progressing on considering practical mitigations for gaps in the bus network, and I am glad to report the formation of a
    new informal partnership group including the Council and voluntary sector organisations to progress this work. It is
    at an early stage but informed by a degree of urgency.
    We must be prepared to face the fact that in the financial situation there will be consequences for public transport.


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