11 March 2014

Times they are a changing

Route Changes Part one

Details of the service changes planned for 20th April by Plymouth Citybus are now available. I will cover these over two days as there is quite a bit for me to type in as I also enter the details on my Plymothian Bus Services pages. If you click on the route numbers below you will see the past histories of each route. Some of these changes will be looked at in more detail shortly…

Service 5 5A

Service 5: From Saltash Fore Street this service will operate as per the current route to Yellowtor Road, Liskeard Road and then operate via Fairmead Road, Oaklands Drive, Warraton Road and Callington Road to Saltash Fore Street and continue as per its current route to the City Centre and Plymstock.

Service 5A: From Saltash Fore Street this service will operate via Callington Road, Warraton Road, Oaklands Drive, Fairmead Road and Liskeard Road to Yellowtor Road, returning via Fairmead Road, Oaklands Drive, Castlemead Drive, Maybrook Drive, Fairway, Back Hill and Barkers Hill to St Stephens Road and continue as per its current route to the City Centre and Plymstock.

Plymouth Citybus 091

Mercedes Citaro 91 Seen on the 5A 1st March 2014

Service 14D

Service 14D: Withdrawn. See Service 35 for alternative journeys.

Service 20 20A

Service 20: This service will operate as per the current route to Strode Road and then operate via Moorland Road to Mudge Way. Return journeys will start at Mudge Way and operate via Ridgeway, Glen Road (past the Fire Station) to Strode Road and follow the current route to the City Centre.

Service 20A: *NEW SERVICE*: This service will operate the same route as the Service 20 to Moorland Road and then operate via Ridgeway and Deep Lane to the A38, Lee Mill Village, Beech Road, Woodland Road, Cornwood Road, Langham Levels, Cleeve Drive, Fairway Avenue, Woodland Road, Cleeve Drive, Ivydene Road, St John’s Road, Western Road, Marjorie Kelly Road, Leonards Road, Exeter Road, Harford Road, Cole Lane and Exeter Road to Ivybridge Rail Station. Returning service will operate from Ivybridge Railway Station via Exeter Road, St Peters Way, Woolcombe Lane, Leonards Road to Marjorie Kelly Way and then follow the reverse of the outbound route to Plympton and Plymouth.

On most journeys the service 20A will change to become a Service 45 at Ivybridge Railway Station allowing passengers from the Ivybridge area a fast link to Plymouth.

Plymouth Citybus 025

Dennis Dart 25 in full swoops on the 20 back on the 1st March 2014

Service 21 21A

Service 21/A: Some journeys retimed to improve reliability.

Service 22 24

Service 23/24: Changes to departure times on Sundays only.

Service 26A

Service 26A: Withdrawn. See Services 28/29 for Alternative journeys.

Service 27 27A

Service 27: Monday to Saturday: This service will operate its current route via Lower Compton to Efford Road and then operate via Eggbuckland Road terminating at Deer Park. Return journeys will operate from Deer Park via Eggbuckland Road and Efford Road to Lower Compton and the City Centre. Sundays: See Sunday Service 28A/B.

Service 27A: Replaced by Service 28A

Plymouth Citybus 215 R402FFC

The 27 was the regular haunt for the Wright bodied Darts. 215 seen November 2011

Service 28 28A 28B

Service 28: No change to the current route between City Centre and Derriford Hospital Monday to Saturday.


Service 28A *REVISED SERVICE*: This service will operate the same route as the Service 28 to Charfield Drive and then operate via Bowden Cross/Forder Valley to Asda and Mainstone. Return service will operate via Asda and Forder Valley to Charfield Drive and then operate the same route as the 28 to the City Centre. Passengers from Mainstone will need to change buses at Asda to the service 50 for Derriford Hospital. Sunday & Bank Holidays this service will also serve Deer Park. Daytime


Service 28B: This service will operate the same route as the Service 28 to Charfield Drive and then operate via Church Hill to Shallowford Road and Bircham View. Return journeys will operate the reverse of this route.


Passengers for Crownhill or Derriford from Bircham View will need to change at Charfield Drive (Service 28) or Henders Corner (Service 42). Evening and Sunday service 28B: will also serve Deer Park Drive and continue to Crownhill and Derriford Hospital.

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  1. Hi, CityBus have confused themselves regarding the 28 after 20th April in saying that there's no change to the current route as it no longer serves Deer Park - that estate will be covered by the 27. Is it me or is the 28 / 28A / 28B routing a bit bonkers?!?!?! There's no getting away from the fact that it amounts to a 25% reduction in the number of buses serving the whole of the Eggbuckland area, that's following the recent 50% cut in services to the Austin Crescent area - CityBus must be doing really badly in this part of the City, unfortunately there's no competition from First in this area (presumably from the perceived lack of customers, which isn't helped by the poor service and high fares on CityBus (£3 return from The Mermaid to Asda, they're having a laugh)) so CityBus don't really seem interested in the multifarious 28 routes that they have spawned. It has the feeling of something they'd quite happily drop but can't due to the large amount of bad publicity it would bring them, I get the impression that someone at CityBus is praying that First will have a bash in the Eggbuckland area so thaey can pull out and concentrate on Ivybridge/Tavistock/Torpoint/Tavistock etc etc etc. I don't think even First could do worse than our forthcoming service of one bus an hour to Derriford, with not much effort First could wipe CityBus off the map in this part of Plymouth, it would be much easier than trying to push them out of nearby Efford - wish they'd had a crack!

  2. Oh,forgot to mention, the 27 timetable from 20/4 is online on Traveline at:

    and the 28 from 20/4 is online at Traveline at:

    I presume the other routes are up on Taveline as well, but as the 28 is the only CityBus I use, I haven't bothered to look at them! It's a bit hard going looking up forthcoming timetables on the Traveline website, so could keep someone entertained for a few hours!

  3. Just what we need more confusing changes. 20 and 20A? Why not just name it 22.

    1. Because the number 20 is a Woodford service and in order not to confuse those who use the service through Woodford the numbers are staying as 20/20A. Quite simple really.

  4. The change to the Saltash service is also bizarre. Latchbrook has gained the needed 'fast' service to City Center whilst St Stephens has essentially been cut to a 20 minute service. Who will want to catch the 5 to town via Latchbrook?

    The 5/5A works in Saltash because of the 10 minutes in each arean, £15.50 for the same service First provide for £11 a week. Who would the average customer use I wonder.

    I see First have just released a newsletter documenting their fares against Citybus' - £20 difference in some tickets both adult and child. £4.50 difference in an adult week ticket!

    If I to catch the bus every day every to town, i certainly wouldn't take the 5/5A.

    Luckily I only use it a few days a week.

    What are Citybus playing at?

    I know this sounds anti Citybus, but it's really is frustrating when a working service is changed. Certainly considering the constant changes Saltash has.

    1. Wow. Predictive text, sorry for some of the typo's!

  5. It makes a lot of sense what City Bus are doing with the 5/5A. As the service 30 is being withdrawn the service 5A will be servicing Callington Road and the Fire Station outbound, the same as First's 1A service but will return through St Stephens. The 5 will service St Stephens first then return via Fire Station and Callington Road. That means they are covering Saltash completely.

  6. The new changes to the 5 5a are one of the best moves they'll make, people who miss the a first bus already hop on the 5/5a because they know it serves both, it also brings back roughly a Saltash circular which was taken away with firsts 33/33a, it's actually much the same as the old first route 1/2 before the ugobus change

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. and it sad that city bus are that thick there copying same routes has first bus on route ,about time citybus left town ,or go head leave town

    1. Wasn't it First that copied City Buses routes a few years ago and got a bloody nose. As Cuty Bus (formerly Plymouth City a Transport) were in Plymouth well before Western National. So perhaps they should be the ones that leave. After all they are a Scottisb company


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