31 March 2014

Something Interesting Appeared…

Hello World

Well, here it is, My first attempt at a blog. At this point I dont really have a clue what is going to appear here or how it is going to end up looking, but I will concentrate on what is happening with the transportation in and around Plymouth, England. I will try and post something every day if I can. This will either be something that has caught my attention that day or maybe just something of interest from my files. So sit back and relax, and wait - something interesting might just appear at some stage - you never know!
It was exactly nine years ago that the above paragraph found its own little corner on the interweb.31st March 2005 saw the start of Plymothian Transit!
At this stage I wasnt even aware that anyone else was doing anything similar although it did not take me long to find a few. Omnibuses started first but really took off in September 2005

First 50743

First 50743 J143SJT (Sold)

The first photo to appear on Plymothian Transit was of this bus 50743 as it had just been repainted into FG-Barbie livery. This has of course long left Plymouth for the big scrap yard in the sky...

First 42784

First 42784

The second bus to appear in Plymothian Transit is still very much with us, or at least it was in November 2013 which is the most recent shot I have seen of her. When I caught her on camera back in March 2005 she had only been in Plymouth a month or so after being transfered across from Eastern Counties along with many of her sisters

An awful lot has changed over the last nine years. The design of the blog has had a few changes over the years. This year has seen a few tweaks to the existing design rather than a full blown refresh as I am quite happy with it at the moment and its easier for me to update these days. The one thing that has not changed is just how interesting the transport scene is here in Plymouth. There has always been plenty going on and that seems set to continue for a good while yet!
Thanks as ever to everyone who has contributed over the years through either photos, news or just joining in the discussion through the comments. When I started back in 2005 I didn't expect anyone else to ever see it let alone be that interested in what I was wittering on about...

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  1. We're with you every step of the way, Graham.

    Keep up the good work - you are my regular breakfast time fare !

  2. Congratulations Graham - it's an essential daily check-in for me to see what is going on. Comments which range from the sensible and well-thought out to the totally deranged ( and badly spelt) also help. More power to your typing fingers and please keep it going....

  3. A big well done Graham - as the others say above it most definitely is essential daily reading! Thanks for all the hard work you put into it :)


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