19 February 2014

The final journey of 128

I am off on a rare holiday to Bournemouth so I have prepared a couple of posts in advance:
Barton Park, 10th January 2014, This Bus went for scrap today, about 15 mins after this pic was taken.
Plymouth Citybus 128 M128HOD
Back in happier days March 2007

Just another day running a bus company

17 FEB: Service 1: Road Maintenance diversion. Area: Beatrice Avenue, Saltash Cause: Road resurfacing Responsibility: Cornwall Council Duration: 1 week Beatrice Avenue will be closed for resurfacing works from Monday 17 to Sunday 23 February. While closed service 1 will be diverted via Broad Walk, Wearde Road and St Stephens Road and then continuing on its normal route.
17 FEB: Service 15: City Centre - Mutley Plain - Crownhill - Derriford Hospital - UCP Marjon - Woolwell. Following customer requests most service 15 journeys will now travel into Woolwell instead of Roborough. There will also be an extra early morning journey departing the City Centre (Royal Parade) at 06:30 from Monday to Friday.
17 FEB: Due to resurfacing work in Beatrice Ave service 5 & 5A have been diverted as follows, Outbound services continue along St Stephens Rd, taking the left fork at the next junction after Beatrice Ave. Inbound services turn left into Wearde Rd, right into Long Park Rd, then pick up existing route from the junction of Beatrice Ave. sorry for any inconvenience caused, however this is beyond our control.
18 FEB: Due to a serious RTC at Granby Way, the road is currently blocked by the police, services affected are 21/21A and 34. The 21/21A are being diverted to run via Devonport Fore Street to Stoke Village, then Down Albert Rd, this will be in both directions. The service 34 will run the service 14 route as far as Albert Rd, again this will be in both directions, our apologies for any disruption caused. We will keep you updated as soon as we have any further information
Due to the RTC at Granby Way, the traffic congestion is now causing major tailbacks, therefore services 21/21A and 34 are now being diverted via Devonport Fore Street towards Stoke, then down Albert Rd.

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  1. Shame, a good bus, enjoy your holiday!!!


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