23 February 2014

Now that’s Better!

Jackett's Coaches MPD BU05HDO is seen with a newly fitted LED Display on the 13.

©Tom Micheals (creative commons)

Now fitted with a nice new working destination display – and looking really smart.

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WHO HAS BOUGHT THE MALTA BENDIBUS FLEET? Approximately 8000 Euros for each bus for 8-year old buses that initially cost in excess of £300,000 when new.
MIDLAND MAINLINE LANDSLIP UPDATE Emergency engineering works are being carried out between Chesterfield and Sheffield from Tuesday 18 February because of a landslip. Network Rail has informed the train operating companies that it will take six weeks to complete the repairs.
STAGECOACH GETS A HOLE IN ONE Ryder Cup Europe has appointed Stagecoach as the provider of buses to The 2014 Ryder Cup. Under the terms of the deal, Stagecoach will provide a fleet of 150 double decker buses to and from Ryder Cup Park and Ride sites at Perth, Stirling and Kinross during the week of the event being held at Gleneagles.
A4's THE GREAT GOODBYE Now the six survivors from the class of 35 are appearing together for the last time before the overseas based examples return home across the Atlantic.
No go in No Yo? One wonders how many of the bus routes to be cut might become economic to run if pensioners paid towards the cost of transporting them around. It looks like large parts of North Yorkshire are about to become a no-go zone for those of us without a car.
Welsh Holiday Bonus - The Welshpool & Llanfair: On the way back from the North West we decided that we might as well make a detour to complete the 'set' of the major Welsh narrow gauge lines by calling into Llanfair Caereinion for a day on the Welshpool & Llanfair
A Scheduled Landslip ; Surely Not! note that any sad soul wishing to travel from Dronfield to, say, Alfreton has nearly an hour to wait for their connection at Chesterfield. The trains also fail to connect by an hour in the other direction. How to kill off custom!
A Doddle to Dawdle to Dawlish [1] Tuesday 18th was, largely speaking, a fine day; thus your sleuthing sexagenar sought to sally forth to points west to experience replacement bus services for himself.
A Doddle to Dawdle to Dawlish [2] Getting close to the repair work was impossible. An army of beefy and grim-faced blokes with dinky plastic hard hats was on guard at the end of the road, complete with slavering dogs, Kalashnikovs and tactical nuclear weapons
Who are ooh-AR in AB? Local bus operator, First Aberdeen, is thought to have become the first bus company in the world to bring its seatbacks to life using the latest "augmented reality" technology.
Norfolk Green: Norfolk Green have begun rolling out the previously assigned new Stagecoach five digit fleetnumbers across the fleet
Diversion: We spent a couple of hours in Dereham with David Bell this afternoon where roadworks currently taking place at the Market Place mean that some buses are on diversion.
Announcements So far only London and a few higher end bus companies bother with next stop announcements. But on the continent, they come as standard and have done for years.
The Heat is On: It may have been a most unusual winter and the storms & floods may have caused disruption from the Levels to the fields of Pembrokeshire, Wales to the cancellation of the Sandbanks Ferry but you have to admit that it’s been mild.
Boring… Set your alarm clocks, because tickets to the most boring event in London go on sale next week.
London Rail News… A weekly round-up of London’s rail transport news…
Crossrail Tunnel… Crossrail recently passed the half-way mark in its construction phase, and while I have mostly written about the stations and secondary works, yesterday was a chance to travel through an actual rail tunnel.
Bluestar & Xelabus changes: Looking ahead to April and also being withdrawn are Velvet's night route N8 and the 300 to Ringwood. Neither will run after 6th April. Ringwood then resumes its status as being cut off from Southampton's bus network.
Deaton & Weymouth: Moving on into June after an intense May I headed south for the annual rally and running day in Weymouth, but this year spending the Saturday along the coast at one of my favourites, The Seaton Tramway
EYMS 1E March Changes January saw the introduction of Hull City Council tendered service 1E, operated by EYMS, between Mizzen Road in North Hull, the city centre and Sibelius Road in West Hull. However it has struggled to run to time, and from Monday 3rd March will be revised.
Return of SEL746: A recent yet unexpected repaint comes in the form of long term absentee SEL746,on the 19th of February 2013, the vehicle was withdrawn from service, however it was later emerged that it had suffered severe damage

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  1. Love the Operators licence in a 'First' disc holder. Shows Mr Jackett hasn't forgotten his roots :-) Martyn


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