17 February 2014

Incoming Plymouth Citybus

Its been a busy weekend for new arrivals for Plymouth Citybus The final four Enviro 400's have now arrived:

  • 517 WG63HHV
  • 518 WG63HHW
  • 519 WG63HHX
  • 520 WG63HHY

Fleet numbers not confirmed in order but probably are!
Its not just new buses:

  • PF06ENL Scania N94UB East Lancs B31F
  • PF06ENM Scania N94UB East Lancs B31F
  • PF06ENN Scania N94UB East Lancs B31F
  • PF06ENO Scania N94UB East Lancs B31F

have all arrived from Thames Travel. Thanks to Mike Hudson for confirmation

Just another day running buses...

14 FEB: Police have just closed Uxbridge Drive in Ernesettle to clear damage form trees. Our vehicles will serve Lakeside Drive and then turn right past the oldToshiba site and up Ernesettle Lane. Sorry for any inconvenience to our customers.
IMPORTANT - Due to extreme weather conditions multiple points of the city are experiencing major delays or no service. flooding and high winds have meant that some areas are too dangerous to serve. please bear with us and we apologise for the inconvenience caused.
ROAD CLOSED - Hoe Road (Seafront), Service 25 from City Centre will run normal route to Lambhay Hill and divert to Citadel Road, Prospect Place, Walker Terrace, Radford Road, Great Western Road, back to Walker Terrace, then back into the City Centre. This will be in place for the rest of today and possibly tomorrow.
ROAD CLOSED - Kings Street. Service 14 from Stoke Road will divert to use Clarence Place / High Street to Union Street and then back onto the normal route in both directions.
14 FEB: Parts of Plymouth are now at grid lock due to the weather. Traffic heading for the Tamar Bridge is causing tailbacks around Camelshead and from HMS Drake. Traffic also queuing for the ferry around Devonport. Traffic trying to join A38 at Manadon causing tailbacks. Pretty much anything we are running is going to be or will have been affected in and around Plymouth. Please take care anything loose caught by the wind is like a missile.
A38 Tamar Bridge Plymouth, both ways between Pemros Road and B3271 North Road A38 Devon - A38 Tamar Bridge in Plymouth closed to high sided vehicles in both directions between The Toll Booths, St Budeaux, Plymouth and Saltash, Cornwall, because of strong winds and restrictions. Congestion to Forder Valley Interchange.
A386 A386 Tavistock Road Roborough, both ways between B3432 Plymbridge Road and Woolwell Road A386 Devon - A386 Tavistock Road in Roborough partially blocked in both directions between George Junction and Tesco Woolwell Roundabout, because of a fallen tree and a gas leak.
15 FEB: Good morning all, All services are operating, however the 93 can not serve Slapton due to floods. There are also numerous trees down on the A379 meaning we can not service Brixton, using Top road. Please expect minor delays and stay safe.

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  1. Have 517 - 520 actually been registered as shown above or are they going to appear with 14-plates in a few days time?

  2. 517 - 520 are WF63 HHV/HHW/HHX/HHY

    1. Thanks. Not quite as Graham listed them, then. But are they actually taxed and on the road yet?

    2. Michael, will you please check/confirm whether they are WF or WG......thanks

    3. Def carry WG at the moment. Not seen any in service yet though so its possible that they may get changed

  3. michael hudson1 March 2014 at 20:35

    they are WG63 plates. my mistake. was tired.


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