13 February 2014

City Coach Rail Replacement

A selection of coaches from Plymouth Citycoach on Rail Replacement duties:
Rail Replacement Rail Replacement Rail Replacement

Thanks to Richard Smith for supplying the photos. One big advantage of adopting blue for Citycoach, they could easily stick Citycoach names on the South Coast vehicles and they would look part of the fleet.

Just another day running buses...

We have just been informed of an over turned lorry in the vicinity of Crafthole by a resident to our Torpoint depot supervisor and the road being closed as a result. Services 81 due to operate via Sheviock & Crafhole this afternoon will operate directly to and from Torpoint until the road re-opens.
Service 93: - Road closed at Blackpool Sands due to fallen tree (Council team on site) service 93 will not be able to serve Stoke Flemming and the surrounding area until this is cleared, we have a diversion in place via old stone corner but due to turning restrictions only in one direction. Time scale we believe at this time is 2/3 hours.
Update on Plymouth City Centre, Coburg Street outbound now closed due to unsafe roof on YMCA building. Outbound services that would have used Coburg Street will operate via Royal Parade/Union Street/Western Approach/Charles Cross. This will add additional running time to trips and will result in services being unable to adhere to the published timetable. This will undoubtedly also lead to traffic congestion in the city as motorists try to find alternative routes and diversions. Please allow extra time for your journey and anticipate delays to all services.
Please be aware that the 120,121 and 122 will all be running late tonight, the schools have been informed already. The reason for them being late is due to a major RTA, this will mean that all three buses will run to the Ploughboy after this point the 121 will take all the children for Liskeard and go straight to there, the other 2 services will continue with their services (apparently the police have said they will let the buses go through) but due to traffic tail backs this will mean they will arrive home late. We do not know how late, it could be 30 mins or more but these are circumstances beyond our control

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